Civil Chat, New Private Messaging App for Divorced Couples, Makes Texting Safe and Free from Risk

May 16, 2018 – Communicating with an ex is no easy deal, especially on the slippery terrain of text messaging. Divorced couples need not fear chatting with their partner any longer, for Civil Chat, a simple, one-on-one messaging app, is here to set conversations going, equipped with sensors and intelligence that detect any wrong emotions, aggression, or inappropriate content present in the written text.

A moment of lapse in judgment, an unintended reading, or just wrong choice of words can send delicate relationships into a downward spiral with potentially legal consequences. Civil Chat is intended to tackle all such hazards to create a healthy and safe communication environment for divorced couples with a variety of in-built message safeguards.

When emotions run high, there is a chance of saying something regretful or in the spur of the moment during a text exchange. Civil Chat helps to shape a healthy communication environment,” says a spokesperson for Civil Chat.

Civil Chat features a real time linguistic analyzer, which can detect angry or negative tones or presence of strong emotions in a chat message. Any harsh, negative and potentially harmful message is automatically blocked and the user alerted of the issue. For cases such as profanity and hate speech, a special filter in Civil Chat springs into action and blocks the hurtful words.

Communication with one’s ex is unavoidable in cases such as co-parenting. Use of aggressive or harassing texting can become a liability in a court case, compromise the co-parenting plan, or even lead to more legal complications. The ideal scenario is thus to never send a message that shouldn’t be seen by a judge.

Sometimes when receiving inappropriate messages from your ex-spouse, it is tempting to respond just as inappropriately. However, many don’t take a moment to calm down before putting something in writing. This is why Civil Chat was created,” says the spokesperson.

Civil Chat does not keep a complete record of all conversations, nor is it monitored by courts. Among its feature, Civil Chat offers private, text only messages, no sharing of offensive files or images, categorized conversations, an automatic new topic creator at the start of a conversation, joint activation of accounts on signing up and matching of the couple, and protection of phone number or name to keep it completely private.

Civil Chat is available for download for Android and iOS with a 7-day free trial period and in-app purchase option using Apple ID.

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