April 4, 2018 – Church Media Worship is dedicated to helping you fulfill your calling to Serve God, Because of their commitment to calling; they provide Christian Media and Worship tools. Therefore offering Christian service like Audio, Images and Videos. However, those products are all designed to helping you to fulfill your calling to serve. Also they do custom work and have a full staff to customize any church media worship needs. Our Ultimate mission has always and remains to be, To Provide the tools needed to help you in your task and calling to serve God.

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Likewise, they do have a primary focus to serve God at Church Media Worship, Since Serving God is their most important goal, they offer discounts, training,  and assistance to Young or small churches that need the assistance but are on a limited budget. Therefore, please reach out if you need help.

“We provide modern tools of Christian Audio and Christian Visual to help spread the Gospel. We come up with material and categorize it to cover all of the main topics of the Bible and basic fundamental Christian teachings. All of our products are instantly downloadable and can be used as you see fit based on the needs of the souls you are working with,” said the spokesperson for Church Media Worship, while talking about their offers. “We have taken an entire headache out of owning your website. You get to tap into all of the creative gifts without the programming, delivery, or payment service headache. Our goal is simply to provide an avenue for Christian artists to do their part to spread the gospel,” he added.

About Church Media Worship

Church Media Worship provides tools to help spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In today’s World, the use of Christian Audio and Christian visual in the form of images and video is a very effective tool to spread the gospel. According to Turnkey web and marketing, an average humans mind starts to wander after 8 seconds of a conversation. Only 13 milliseconds when on social media channels. This is down from 15 years ago where it was 150% longer (12 seconds). Can you imagine the effect this has on spreading the Gospel? Every 8 seconds when spreading a gospel or a message, the entire congregation or group has at least had 1 though that distracts them from the Word.

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