Chuck Rylant – expert witness and high-performance coach, announces launch of new book

Learn the unscripted truth behind most police shootings from an in-depth perspective

12 October, 2017 – Police shootings are extremely complicated and the consequences are far greater than most can ever imagine. Most people have never witnessed a law enforcement altercation, so they only have a narrow knowledge of police shooting from the anti-police media and Hollywood fiction. Not many people really know the reality of what goes on in the mind of a cop before he pulls the trigger. In order to bring this truth to life, Chuck J. Rylant has written an excellent book titled ‘Shots Fired: The Psychology Behind Officer Involved Shootings’.

This book opens up a whole new perspective never heard of before about police shooting; a truth that will change a lot of people’s opinion about police shooting; the original story; the reality.

The perception is that cops are cavalier about shooting people, but from the 12 real-life accounts in this book, readers will discover law enforcement shootings are far more complicated and the consequences are greater than most people will ever understand.

Each fascinating chapter in this book illustrates how shootings occur under intense pressure, with limited information, and in rapidly evolving situations. Law enforcement demands a tough exterior, but officer-involved shootings are extremely traumatic. Officers risk not only being killed but also imprisonment, loss of employment, public slander, marriage and family turmoil, and severe health issues.

The psychology behind an officer-involved shooting is the part of the story that is missing from the public narrative. What happens in the officer’s head before, during, and after a shooting is the story that is rarely told.

This book is for specially written for: Cops who have been in a shooting, Cops who could be in a shooting and civilians who want to understand police shootings.

This incredible book is available for purchase at Amazon by visiting,q_auto,f_auto/message_attachements/486124199/original/Shots_Fired_Cover_600_pixels.jpg

About the Author

Chuck Rylant is an author, expert witness, and high-performance coach. Chuck provides high-performance coaching on life, personal finance, and marketing through his books, online training, and one-on-one coaching.

He is also a college faculty member where he trains police officers in the police academy. He is also frequently sought out for consulting and expert witness testimony in homicide trials.

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