Christian Louboutin high heeled shoes already became the favorite of many super female stars

April 18, 2014-Tokyo-Some people would have the puzzle about why the Christian Louboutin Replica sale from could be widely accepted by woman fans around the world. If they could clearly find which super stars already choose this famous high heel shoes brand, they will deeply understand the answer the former problem.

Christian Louboutin had ever said:” No matter how women they are, the wearing for high heels can let them become very sexy. Not to mention a pair of red sole Christian Louboutin high heels.” From the Pa Ti Rabel to Angelina Jolie, from An Guen to Maria Kelly, all of these super women stars are all lovers for Christian Louboutin high heels. Most of them prefer to wear this shoe in many celebrities and important occasion. However, for ordinary fans the price of genuine shoe of this brand could not be commonly offered by them. In this case, the Christian Louboutin Replica Wedges should be their best choice.

Pa Ti Labelle signed with the company of Christian Louboutin. In her concerts and many other important occasions, she will wear their shoes. Her favorite one should be the high heeled shoe which set with diamonds. On the other hand, Angelina Jolie will also wear the special designed Christian Louboutin in all important occasions. In her movie “wanted”, she acted an sexy female killer ho wore a pair of Christian Louboutin.

In addition to Pa Ti Labelle and Angelina Jolie, Kylie Minogue is another super female star who also wore Christian Louboutina shoes. She wore this shoe in her video album “soulmate”. In this video, when she accompanied the piano to dance, the special red sole of this brand of shoe is very obvious.

The other one is the Britney Spears also wore the Christian Louboutina shoes several times when she play in Los Angeles and fight for custody of her child in court. People could easily find this in the news related to Britney.

Christina Aguilera is also a fan of Christian Louboutin shoes. Her fans could common see she wore this brand of shoe to attend important events as well as in her latest music album “back to basic tour”.

The other very example should be the Madonna. In her “Live Earth” concern, she wore her Christian Louboutina which embedded may-janes. The Japanese pop diva Aymi Hamasaki dressed in yellow and black rhinestone Christian Louboutina shoe in her shoot for “sweet” magazine ( However, there are also many other Japanese stars who wear the same shoes.

These stars preference could be the most effecting advertising method for Christian Louboutin. However, the high cost brand shoes could not be easily paid by most of ordinary fans. If people really want to purchase this shoe, the cheap Christian Louboutin Replica should be their best choice.


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