Christ in Sports, dedicated to Christian athletes encourages the ‘No steroids’ way in sports

Christ in Sports is an online platform and store dedicated to Christian athletes that promotes the right way or the No steroids way in the sports community. The platform is inspired by the teachings of Jesus Christ and encourages that every sportsman should remember the teachings of Jesus Christ and implements the same to adopt the right path in sports.

Christ in Sports is established seeing the high participation of Christian athletes around the world. It assists the players in using the teachings of Jesus Christ to enhance their performance in sports. It strives to assist the church, youth group and the players to succeed. By offering multiple fundraising opportunities, it helps the churches in raising funds so that they can use it for the betterment of the individuals and the society as a whole.

Christ in Sports offers a variety of clothing with inspirational messages/quotes for men, women, and kids. These t-shirts are designed to spread the world and acknowledgment of Jesus Christ. They have also estimated that a Christian t-shirt is read by 3,000 different people before it is discarded. This is the kind of impact that they want to make among the people so that everyone can manifest positivity and happiness in their life.

Christ in Sports also offers unique financial venture for the generous investors through which they can also earn benefits of the money they’d put into the fundraising idea. Under this project, the investor can keep a portion of all their sales and send only the cost of the shirt to Christ in Sports.

Some of the popular prints featured on the Christ in Sports clothing include ‘Not lucky, Just Blessed’, ‘No steroids, Just God’, ‘No Sweat, God got me’ among others. The No steroids movement is started by Christ in Sports considering the increasing cases of athletes taking steroids to improve their performance while risking their health. ‘No steroids, Just God’ apparel condemns the use of steroids and sends a message that how it limits the athletes while remembering the God’s name will help them in pushing their boundaries and enhance their performance in sports.

Christ in Sports also offers apparel with inspirational messages on other topics such as the Cancer can’t beat me’ t-shirt, Prayer is my pre-workout tank top, Color does not matter t-shirt, Quitting not in my DNA and more.

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