Chris’s encouraging story speaks of how there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

Chris shares a heart wrenching story of his life where his family and himself suffered a terrible downfall in the midst of enjoying all the success and how this defeat pushed him further to get out of his misery and support his family with great success.

Chris lived a comfortable life with his family. They had an extravagant home and took off to exotic locations every once in a while simply because they could afford it. It was when the real estate market was in the peak.  Besides, it was also his job in the field of real estate that helped him not only provide for his family but also fulfil all of their wishes in the blink of an eye.

However, like all good things, this dream too came to an end and Chris’s life came crashing down along with the real estate market and the family that never thought twice before spending and never considered borrowing money had to do all of it just to make sure that they would survive the day. Their home of 2800 sq. Ft was reduced to nothing and they were rendered homeless. Their condition became so adverse that they also had to sell their family van as they couldn’t afford the upkeep of it this was out of the question. All that they were left with was a tiny 2 door stick shift Honda Civic.

It was here that his life took a turn for the better and the little ray of hope that Chris was clinging on to was bearing fruit. A friend of Chris asked him if he would be willing to drive a client to his appointment and since he wasn’t doing any consistent work, he agreed to it and it is from here where he began doing his research about these companies and tried finding a way to not only take up the job but also to start his own service. With the experience and information that he has gathered, he now imparts this knowledge to others who may be in need of it.

He encourages people in need of jobs to join this team where they get to drive clients to medical and other appointments and help support themselves and their family.

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