CHOPS Beef Jerky have been Featured in Mr. Checkout What’s Hot Catalog for Direct-Store Delivery Distributors and Wagon-Jobbers Nationwide

CHOPS Beef Jerky can now be found in the New Arrivals section of the Mr. Checkout What’s Hot Catalog. Independent Distributors, Wagon Jobbers and Store Owners now have access to view the product on their landing page.

CHOPS Jerky is excited to announce the availability of its new line of gourmet beef jerky that will provide consumers a snack with high protein to sustain energy throughout their busy days. Our new meat snacks are made from premium cuts of brisket of beef, seasoned and marinated in our chef’s special blend of spices, and dried to perfection, creating a tender and moist gourmet beef jerky. CHOPS Jerky is made with all natural, high quality ingredients that make it the ideal high protein, low calorie, low fat meat snack. 

Research shows the snack food industry is in need of quality snacks made with healthy ingredients, and is why we have produced our products with No Preservatives, No Nitrites, and No MSG. With unique texture and a distinct variety of flavors, CHOPS Jerky has satisfied that need by creating a classic meat reminiscent of a local butcher shop from times gone by. It pairs well with many foods and beverages, making it the perfect meat snack for those on-the-run moments, family and social gatherings and other special occasions.

CHOPS Jerky was not created overnight. In pursuit of perfection and our desire to craft a beef jerky unlike any other, we started with all natural brisket of beef and a special slicing process. Next, our chefs sampled numerous spices and seasoning processes before finally developing the precise blend that produced the marinade for this delicious beef jerky. With the recipe complete, CHOPS Jerky is now available for your enjoyment. “America’s Favorite Meat Snack” can be purchased on our website at and will be available soon for distribution to stores nationwide.

CHOPS Jerky headquarters is located in Atlanta, Georgia. Our goal is to bring to America a variety of great quality meat snack brands that anticipate and satisfy people’s desires and needs. We strive to cultivate principles within the company that inspire employees to engage and make a difference in their communities.

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