Choose Premier Firewood’s High Quality Kiln Dried Firewood This Winter Season

Stock Up on Firewood for Sale for the Home Before the Cold Weather Gets Worse

As the leaves are falling and the days are getting shorter, the temperatures have turned from warm to chilly. There’s still time to stock up on firewood for the home though before the cold weather really sets in, and the home needs to put the fireplace to use for the season once again.

No homeowner wants to be caught off guard on that first truly frigid night of the year. When that happens, it’s best to already have all the firewood ready and on hand.

The best and the easiest way to go about this is with a local firewood delivery service. Premier Firewood goes door to door to homes throughout Westchester County, NY and Fairfield County, CT, as well as Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens.

They provide quick, easy and hassle-free home delivery, and they even take care of all of the legwork and mess, too. Instead of just leaving a pile of firewood on a driveway, Premier will actually neatly stack all the logs. They can even provide the firewood rack and cover necessary for convenient and dry storage in all weather conditions. Additionally, Premier offers cooking woods, fire starters and other accessories and options.

Premier Firewood is one of the few companies who actually kiln dries their own firewood. This means they have complete control over the quality, and the consistency, of all of the firewood they sell.

Their kiln dried firewood gives off 35% more heat than seasoned wood, and thanks to a lower moisture content, it’s also guaranteed to light and burn. Kiln dried firewood is also cleaner, giving off less creosote when burnt, and is guaranteed to be clean of all bugs, mold and insects. It’s the clear winner for all home fireplaces. 

Don’t wait until it’s snowy and icy, don’t settle for subpar firewood and don’t waste any time or energy trying to haul wood from a depot or store. Choose Premier Firewood for the highest quality, the best service, and easy, hassle-free home delivery.

Call the team at 203.866.4252 with any questions or to place an order for delivery, or learn more about all of their products and services by visiting

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