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Nov 25, 2014 – China – Nowadays, with the continuously development of the printing technology, the canvas printing become very commonly choice for these people who want to better decorate their house or the decoration for other formal places. Compared to the traditional handmade oil painting, the canvas prints own cheap price and the much shorter production cycle. On the other hand, the stylish personality and the visual effect of the high quality canvas prints do not have more difference with the traditional handmade painting. However, the touch feeling of the canvas prints is not better than traditional painting.

In general, the canvas print is derivatives of the traditional handmade painting. Based on the skill and form of the traditional oil painting, the oil painting printing machine will use the most effective and convenient workmanship to express the traditional oil painting with remarkable and fashion style. However, that is not to say the canvas prints could totally replicate the originated styles of the genuine oil painting. There will be such difference between the real oil painting and the printed products.

The canvas prints could be applied into the fields of home decoration, hotel decoration, hall decoration and other places. According to the demand of clients and the using environment, consumers could choose canvas prints in many styles. The canvas prints which reproduce the classical and world famous oil paintings should very good selection for all kinds of decorated application.

The canvas print is not the totally printing products. As the introduction from famous wholesale canvas prints online seller, the finished printed canvas will also go through the handmade strokes increasing by these professional artists. This step could help to let the canvas print achieve very high stage of painting imitation. Therefore, people could also say that the canvas print is the combination of technology and human handwork.

Anyhow, the canvas prints should be the high cost effective choice for client who want to better decorated their home, hotel, company or other places. Here, we recommend with people the famous canvas prints online seller


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