Choose Airwheel S3 two wheel self-balancing electric scooter, Choose a Future Commute Style

The Airwheel S3 two wheel self-balancing electric scooter is a super scooter featuring its self-balancing gyroscope-controlled wheels. The S3 model is the first version of S-series in Airwheel family.

As the first model of S-series, the Airwheel S3 is a revolution in self-balancing scooter market. Unlike Airwheel’s other models of electric unicycles, the S-series features its platform and handlebar. It’s absolutely a fun and intelligent device that helps you get around. 

The first impression of Airwheel S3 is that it has a long handlebar, which makes it quite different from other self-balancing unicycles. But in fact, S3 has many other unique features. It is equipped with a self-balancing system and a noiseless maglev motor. It has LED flash lights to keep you visible at night. The 4-inch LED panel shows your battery, speed, temperature, and other information. Here is basic information you need to know about it:

• Range per Power: 18-65 km

• Max Speed: about 18km/h

• Safe Climbing Angle: ~ 15 degree

• Battery: 520Wh Lithium

• Max Weight: 120kg

• IP56 waterproof rating 

As low carbon lifestyle is advocated in urban districts, the Airwheel S3 can be the optimal choice and a new lifestyle for urban commuters. Compared to traditional transportation vehicles, the many distinguished advantages of Airwheel S3 can well meet the expectations of all ages. Apart from the eco-friendly feature, Airwheel S3 is safe and easier to steer than ordinary bikes. Riders barely need any balancing skills to get the basics of it and can be proficient with just a few tries. The standing platform is wide enough for all users to comfortably stand on, with the handlebar at a comfortable height for all users.

The S3 model can cover an unrivalled range of 36-40 miles on a single battery charge, and is easy to use for all! All you have to do is to hold on to the handlebar and lean in the direction you wish to go! The dual-wheeled S3, compared to single-wheeled units, is more stable and hence much easier to control. The anti-collision design at the back of handlebar minimizes potential impact caused by scratches and collisions (though it’s unlikely to fall from S3).

In addition, the latest Airwheel S3 comes with fully sealed circuit boards. No matter in the rain or muddy terrains, just ride along without worrying about water leakage. It is worth noting that the Airwheel S3 has a removable handlebar, signal and brake lights, and it is also equipped with dual wireless speakers which you can control remotely.

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