Reveals How Love Has Changed Over The Years for Chinese Women

Premium international dating site dissects the ever-changing love trends for Chinese women.

Ask anyone and they will tell you Chinese women are soft spoken, well mannered, well dressed and like to take things slowly when it comes to dating. Since ages Chinese women have been depicted as the epitome of traditional elegance. History suggests that Chinese women prefer to follow their heritage over their hearts. A minute study of the love life of Chinese women of even a few decades back would reveal that there was serious lack of the very thing – a love life. Like in many neighboring countries of China that share similar values, Chinese women used to be married off at still a relatively young age, sometimes even in late teens, to men whom they hardly knew, if at all. More often than not, their grooms were older by quite a few years than them. The end result was less than romantic or even peaceful, in most cases. Disagreements, incessant spats and a tensed environment at home were daily occurring and it was not really favorable for any party involved.

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The Social Effects:

Sociologists opine that such an air of mass dissatisfaction was the result of restrained upbringing of Chinese girls and deep rooted inhibitions that led their families to stop them from getting to know a few men before marriage. Around half a century ago, most Chinese marriages were arranged by friends and family. The prospective brides and grooms rarely got a chance to see each other before their wedding day, let alone get acquainted.

Taking Charge:

While such a system might have worked then, it is difficult to fathom in this age. Changing times have inevitably brought about a few changes in social customs. It was around the same time, i.e. about fifty years ago that women started taking more and more interest in gaining higher education. They started taking part in sports, politics, adventure and other affairs. They gradually started breaking away from their age-old shell and focused on gaining economic independence rather than depending on the patriarchs of the family, maternal or otherwise. It would not be wrong to say that Chinese women slowly but steadily were taking back the reigns of their lives from a rapidly ageing society where sex-selective abortions were still raging rampant resulting in a growing disproportion in the country’s gender balance. Moreover, the society’s insistence to mark successful women over the age of twenty seven as ‘leftovers’ (Sheng nu) as no men from respectable families wanted to marry them, has only driven modern Chinese women to take charge of their love lives, even more. They plan to find their own mates, despite their families’ pressure to go on blind dates, and justifiably so.

What Modern Chinese Women Say:

It would be an exaggeration to say that love and marriage have been an alien concept in China. It was always around but were painfully scarce up until recently. Recent interviews with financially independent, confident Chinese women above the age of twenty seven have brought to light a few interesting facts:

• They have felt that some Chinese men are too intimidated by their confidence, success or belief in equality.

• They feel that putting undue restraints on their freedom actually shows the dominating nature of men, not the loving nature.

• They want to be loved for how they are and do not want to change for anyone.

Thus, today’s Chinese women are somewhat different than their ancestors. The qualities that they seek in their mates are respect for gender equality, ease of conversation which are not bound by any social strings and of course, love springing from mutual liking. So believe it or not, modern Chinese women are still demure and feminine; but they are no longer passive, submissive and subservient and they want to be loved for that. It is this mindset that has driven these women to stray away from the somewhat orthodox society of their own and seek love in other places, may be even other continents. An increasing number of Chinese women are dating Western men and quite happily so. Online dating sites like are helping them in their quest for love. With the help of simple, safe, easy-to-use, and language-and-cultural-barrier-free services like live chat, love call, video show, EMF mail and so on, tons of Chinese women are now finding their loves overseas.

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