Chinese woman EVA Zhang Liping on the New York Times Square Nasdaq Advertising Screen

The Theory of “Three Top Needs of Modern Women”

On May 3rd, New York’s Times Square welcomed a special Chinese woman on Nasdaq’s big screen. She was not a star but had more influence than a star. In China’s social media, she named the three top needs of Modern Chinese Women as: to attract men, make money, and become beautiful. This immediately struck a deep chord with Chinese women. She is a well-known independent host in China, Chair of the Fashion Customization Bureau, and founding partner of Mei Dao Jiaļ¼her name is Eva Zhang Liping.

The theory of her three top demands for women became very popular in Chinese social media

On Nasdaq’s big screen in Times Square, New York City, many Chinese women were welcomed. There were the most popular actresses. There were female entrepreneurs who were selected for Forbes. But EVA Zhang Liping, who was listed for popularity and wisdom, was the first one.

The reporter learned that EVA Zhang Liping addressed the topic of “the three major needs of modern women: to attract men, make money, and become beautiful” in 2018. When she shared this viewpoint, it immediately caught the attention of Chinese female netizens. Surprisingly, this picture found a strong resonance among women in their 20s, 30s, 40s and even older, and they all reposted the commentary on Chinese social media, declaring it a “brilliant summing up of the delicate psychology of Chinese women”. EVA Zhang Liping and her representative views were massively reposted on social media such as WeChat, Weibo, Tieba, and forums. The number of hits exceeded 1 billion and it became one of the top 3 hottest topics on social media in China so far this year in 2018.

In less than half a year, EVA, Zhang Liping’s fans have grown astronomically. It is undeniable that she and her “three modern women’s needs” theory has become one of the top phenomena in today’s China. Standing behind her are thousands of excellent women in China. As these women rise up, they can have their own social value, confidently show their own charm and become a strong force alongside men. They can also balance various roles, and live a more beautiful life.

Forging a rich experience: wisdom, gentleness, and a generous personality

According to Chinese media reports, EVA, Zhang Liping, was born in an ordinary family in China’s countryside. She made it all the way to the top to her present massive popularity step by step, by her own efforts. She was once a well-known independent host. She was popular because of her stable stage presence and smart interview style. As the host of international conferences, she often interviews many domestic and international business leaders and celebrities. Her solid presiding skills and speaking ability at a marketing conference helped facilitate more than 100 million RMB of business deals She has now become a marketing phenomenon invited to serve many brands, such as Ping An Bank, Rushing-to-Eat and other brand endorsements.

In 2018, she succeeded in mastering the advantages of several industry first projects, and teamed up with several domestic 4A companies behind the scenes to launch a trendy customization bureau and she initiated a “become the first” type of brand marketing empowerment. Shareholders successfully signed a number of unicorn projects, and they have strong alliances with strong brands to quickly seize the market.

Abandoned halo, an exquisite living artist

With success and wisdom as her companions, this woman who looks ambitious and clear-headed to the outside world really knows how to enjoy life. She loves to travel and keep fit, customizes her own fashion, and uses cars modified to her own personal wishes. Sometimes, she also cooks an exquisite gourmet meal for herself and savors the taste of life.

EVA’s life exemplifies the three major needs of modern women: to attract men, including knowing how to deal with emotional relationships and enjoying the sweetness of love; to earn money which makes one more independent and confident; to become beautiful, which is to be the best you forever.

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