The star-studded Cannes Film Festival previews emerging filmmakers + films from all corners of the world, as a destination to launch films and to sell works to distributors. Supporting the Chinese filmmaking initiative, TriCoast Worldwide and Fantawild Animation’s have joined booths at the Cannes Film Festival, located at Riviera D3.

Los Angeles, CA – May 8, 2018 – At this year’s Cannes Film Festival, TriCoast Worldwide is thrilled to announce their booth collaboration with Fantawild Animation Inc., who specializes in original animation production and design in China. Producing five extremely successful theatrical films, which have accumulated over $300 million in the Chinese box office, Fantawild Animation is the “most successful animated company in the [Chinese] market.” (Cinando).

Fantawild Animation will join and support TriCoast Worldwide’s Chinese initiative at this year’s Cannes Film Festival with representation of two films from Director Tan Bing, his $20 million dollar action-packed film, ‘CHINA SALESMAN’ and Chinese murder-mystery, ‘THE FATAL CONTRACT’, alongside emerging filmmaker, Zheng Hua’s biopic and exclusive Cannes screening, ‘EVERYDAY HERO’.

Alongside TriCoast Worldwide CEOs, Strathford Hamilton and Marcy Levitas Hamilton will be Fantawild’s Daniel Bort, the head of the international department in the run-up to Cannes. Fantawild Animation’s mission is to extract and infuse the rich Chinese culture in to its original animation, as its characters in their animations are imbued with the spirits of modern times and positive personalities, according to its official website.

“China is stepping up to export their culture via the medium of film. This presents a unique opportunity for cultural exchange and we invite other China filmmakers to expand their audience and ideas by re-purposing and distributing their films for a western audience,” said TriCoast Worldwide CEO, Marcy Levitas Hamilton.

Photo: From Left to Right: Xuan Miao, Director Tan Bing, Strath Hamilton, and Marcy Levitas Hamilton for ‘CHINA SALESMAN’.

As Fantawild Animation is the most influential animation company in China, its animation has aired on popular worldwide platforms such as Disney, Netflix, Nickelodeon and more. Domestically, Fantawild’s animation has been broadcast on over 200 TV stations in China. Globally, the company has distributed its animation to over 100 countries and territories. Fantawild Animation is best known for its child franchise, ‘Boonie Bears’, which has the over-arching theme of environmental protection (TV series and large chain of merchandising products). Fantawild Animation’s latest feature, ‘THE BIG SHRINK’, has made the largest box office for an animated film in 2018 with over $95 million (Cinando).

TriCoast Worldwide is thrilled to bring Zheng Hua’s biopic, ‘EVERYDAY HERO’, to screen at this year’s Cannes on Saturday, May 10th at Olympia at 20:00 as they sign worldwide and US acquisition rights. Produced by Guangdong Southern Lead TV & Film Communication Co., the film is a re-telling and inspiring story of Brother Guo Jian Nan – the selfless individual who left his occupation as Heavy Industries Group’s supervisor to dedicate his life as the new captain of the Poverty Alleviation Program in the developing Chinese LiTan Village, Yang Xi.

TriCoast Worldwide will showcase two additional Chinese films at this year’s Cannes Film Festival from Director Tan Bing, including his $20 million dollar action-packed film, ‘CHINA SALESMAN’ featuring former heavyweight champ, Mike Tyson and Aikido sensation, Steven Seagal, showcasing the successful collaboration between several countries – China, the U.S. and Africa. ‘CHINA SALESMAN’ made its debut at the American Film Market (AFM) in November 2017 as The Hollywood Reporter headlined “Steve Seagal and Mike Tyson’s ‘China Salesman’ Is the Most ‘AFM’ Film of AFM”.

China’s co-production collaborations with such countries have allowed for and emphasized the exposition of Chinese culture and life worldwide, as Bing’s ‘CHINA SALESMAN’ has been mentioned in several prominent platforms, including Erich Schwartzel’s Wall Street Journal article, Variety and The Hollywood Reporter.

TriCoast Worldwide will continue to represent Director Bing at this year’s Cannes Film Festival with his newest Chinese murder-mystery, ‘THE FATAL CONTRACT’, which was picked up exclusively by popular trades and was featured in Deadline’s “Hot 2018 Berlin Titles: What Buyers Are Buzzing About At The EFM”.

Starring controversial Chinese-American actress, Bai Ling, ‘THE FATAL CONTRACT’ will be Ling’s first Chinese role feature since she was banned for openly criticizing Chinese government officials 20 years ago. MailOnline’s Tracey You picked up an exclusive interview with Ling to discuss her rough road to Hollywood and her return to Chinese cinema.

With similar mission statements and objectives, both TriCoast Worldwide and Fantawild Animation emphasize themselves as international brands with features and series from independent films, distributors and VOD platforms, which are showcased worldwide.

The 71st Cannes Film Festival will be held from May 8 – 19, 2018. TriCoast Worldwide and Fantawild Animation’s booth will be located at Riviera D3.

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