China Company Announces Bubble Football for Sale for A Fun Way to Promote a Business

China based has a wide variety of bubble footballs and human-sized hamster balls with great customization options for having fun and entertainment and to promote a business with a printed logo and a business message.

Shenzhen City, China – May 1, 2015 – With an adorable and fresh collection of bubble footballs and human-sized hamster balls, is offering companies an opportunity to promote their brands in a fun way. These attractively designed and colorful bubble footballs can easily draw the attention of the audience, allowing advertisers and brand promoters to deliver the intended business message in an effective manner. The China based bubble football factory offers a great customization option, allowing a company to print their logos, messages etc on the balls.

These hamster balls and water bubble balls are available in a range of sizes. More importantly, they can produce bubble footballs in custom sizes as per the specific requirements of a client. Client companies can also choose bubble balls of different colors, such as clear, red, blue, pink, black and others. They also have bubble football for sale in half clear and half colored option for showcasing a brand in a more innovative manner. All these products are made of high quality materials, such a TPU or PVC, offering a long-lasting durability.

According to the spokesperson of the company, they take great care in producing each and every bubble football. They have a team of experienced and dedicated personnel who all skillfully follow the production process to deliver quality products in an environment friendly manner. Cutting, stitching, firming, printing etc. everything is done in the most professional manner, using cutting-edge tools and quality materials to avoid any human error and to maintain the perfection. PVC and TPU materials of varied thickness, ranging from 0.7mm to 1.0mm are used to produce good quality bubble footballs and hamster balls.

A good bubble football can proficiently serve the client’s intended requirements of business promotions and customer engagement. A company can organize soccer bubble games for enthralling participants as well as spectators and can promote their business. These balls can be used for playing both indoor and outdoor and can be used to deliver the intended business message amidst fun and hilarity.

To know more about these bubble footballs and learn about the customization option, one may visit the website

About is a factory in Shenzhen City, China that manufactures bubble footballs, human-sized hamster balls, water bubble balls and other products with a variety of customization options. The company follows a cutting-edge production process, with advanced and more precise material cutting procedures avoiding manual cutting errors. They deliver fast, high-quality, low-price products to the global customers. They can also provide personalized and custom-made products, comprising different sizes, printing options, colors, and structures. 

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