Childhood Obesity Crisis Linked to Food Industry in “Fed Up” Documentary

Bariatric Surgery from a Leading Clinic Such as New York Bariatric Group Becoming a Viable Solution for Childhood Obesity.

Roslyn Heights, NY – In the new documentary “Fed Up”, the food industry is linked to the increasing obesity crisis in the United States, as well as the serious problem of childhood obesity. Through a variety of strategies, ranging from misleading marketing to lobbyism, the food industry has been able to escape blame and appear more responsible than their actions show.

“Fed Up” was produced by the same team from “An Inconvenient Truth”, and the documentary examines how the food industry is directly and indirectly contributing to the spread of obesity across the country.

This is showcased by examining the increase in “low fat” products, which are misleading and may be even unhealthier than the original foods. “Low fat” products tend to include more sugars, and therefore just as many or more calories than their full-fat counterparts.

It is this addiction to sugar which is one key culprit behind the obesity epidemic. In 2003, the Bush administration stopped the publication of a World Health Organization report showcasing that as much as 10% of the calories in an average person’s diet is from added sugars alone.

The federal “Let’s Move” program, designed to combat childhood obesity, was likely limited in effectiveness due to lobbying pressure from the food industry, including powerful political groups such as the Grocery Manufacturers Association.

There are solutions to help fight against this growing epidemic, even if they aren’t coming from official federal programs or industry support. Bariatric surgery is one such option which is beginning to become more widely accepted and utilized to combat childhood obesity.

At this stage, bariatric surgery for adolescents is still an investigational procedure, however, full approval for children age 14 and up may be coming shortly. Bariatric surgery can provide safe, quick and long-lasting results, however, a comprehensive non-surgical weight loss program may be recommended first for children and teens.

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