Child Safety Statistics: Accidents Occur Four Times More in the Home than in Childcare

“These Statistics Reflect the Need for More Awareness and Better Planning” Says Child Safety Lock Manufacturer

Traditionally the home is seen as a place of security for the family. A place that is safe from the dangers of the outside world. It is interesting then, and maybe a sign of complacency, that the home is the second most likely venue for unintentional accidents to occur in America, beaten only by accidents that occur in automobiles.

Another indicator that we maybe feel a little too safe in our homes can be seen from child and infant injury statistics that show that for children under the age of 5, they are four times more likely to suffer an unintentional injury at home than they are whilst attending childcare. Childcare centres are places where planning and forethought goes into ensuring that accidents involving the children being cared for are minimized through health and safety legislation. The figures seem to show that such planning actually works in reducing the accident rate.

In a statement today by child safety locks manufacturer Totsproof they called for more awareness of safety issues within the home and pointed to the infant accident statistics to show that planning for prevention is a strategy that can not only work in childcare centres but can also be extrapolated to work in our homes and reduce the number of unnecessary accidents that occur each year.

A spokesperson for Totsproof explained, “The accident statistics tell us that where planning for prevention is implemented the occurrence of accidents is reduced by up to 75%. Our aim is to help highlight the need for people to plan and help them avoid as many of the ‘avoidable’ accidents in the home as possible. It is never possible to eradicate accidents but if it is possible to reduce the incidence by up to 75% it would be a very good achievement.”

Totsproof is the manufacturer and sole distributor of a set of eight slimline child safety locks that provide the ability to re-use the locks at different locations by providing additional fixing strips to allow the locks to be removed and added elsewhere. The high quality straps in a new slimline design are strong, flexible and adjustable. They can be fitted around corners and whilst easily removable by adults provide a strong security lock that young children and toddlers cannot open.

The Pack of 8 Adjustable Child Safety Locks by Totsproof is available to purchase exclusively on the retail platform. The lock and strap design in all white allows the user to attach the locks without the need for tools and secure cabinets, cupboards, drawers, toilets, fridges, ovens or any other appliance or opening that needs putting out of the reach of a child or toddler. The 8 pack offering also include extra 3M adhesive strips that make the locks re-usable. The child locks can be fitted and removed easily with excess adhesive needing only a hairdryer to remove.


Totsproof is the manufacturer and sole distributor of the Totsproof Pack of 8 Adjustable Child Safety Locks. They may be purchased exclusively on

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