Chic Resumes Warns Against Avoiding Cover Letters During Job Search

As job seekers continue to question the efficacy of cover letters in the modern age, Chic Resumes explains the value behind a carefully crafted written introduction.

Although unemployment rates have improved in recent years, the job market still remains a highly competitive place. Such competition has led many job seekers to resort to more “creative” ways to get employers to review their qualifications. To pitches made through Lego toys to digital resumes, there is much debate about whether the nature of job applications is changing. However, having worked with many recruiters and developed many successful CVs, the team at Chic Resumes notes that there is incredible value in creating strong formal resumes and other documents—including cover letters.

Amanda Clark, CEO of Chic Resumes explains, “Cover letters are an essential part of the job application and can put applicants ahead of their competition. Many individuals will opt out of including a cover letter—especially when applying through an online platform. However, we have found that a unique cover letter provides job seekers a chance to show their personality, detail their goals and address other information that may not be appropriate for a resume but still relate to the available position.”

While the success rate among those who use cover letters is higher than those who do not, many are beginning to question the value of these documents. In fact, a recent article from Devex explores the concern of modern job seekers who wonder if their cover letters even get read. The article explains that while many recruiters look at resumes first, the cover letter can still be a crucial element to deciding the worth of a candidate.

Clark states, “A cover letter is an extension of the resume, and individuals should look at it as a chance to state the reasons why they should get an interview, let alone be considered for the job. It may seem like a formal element in today’s fast-paced job market, but it is crucial. Avoiding cover letters or using the same cover letter over and over again can really hurt one’s chances of getting hired.”

Although the argument for having a cover letter is clear, Clark and her team at Chic Resumes also emphasize the importance of language in these documents. This professional resume writing team finds that detailed, customized cover letters are crucial to gaining the attention of those reviewing applicants.

“When sifting through a sea of cover letters and resumes, employers are looking for documents that stand out. A solid, crisp cover letter format counts, but the words a job seeker uses is also crucial—it should not sound dry, systematic or unexcited,” Clark adds.

Those who are having trouble crafting resumes and cover letters can trust in the Chic Resumes team to build individualized, powerful documents that are designed to impress employers in any industry. Recent graduates looking to enter the job market are encouraged to contact Chic Resumes at to receive a free cover letter with a resume order.


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