Chic Resumes by Grammar Chic, Inc. | Designing a Successful Job Search in 2014

Amanda E. Clark of Grammar Chic, Inc. shares insight to assist job seekers in successfully revamping their search in the new year.

A new job is a common resolution made by professionals each new year, but many of these individuals fail to follow through with this goal because they have outdated or misinformed job search tactics. Amanda E. Clark, president and editor-in-chief of Grammar Chic, Inc., has done a great deal of research pertaining to job hunting through the Chic Resumes division of her company. Below, Clark shares her insight to assist individuals in improving their job search strategy in the new year.

The first tip that Clark offers is for job seekers to remain open-minded. She asserts that, in some cases, they may be qualified for jobs that they never before considered. Additionally, they may find more opportunities in a new industry. An article published by Mashable corroborates this notion: “Be open-minded about your preconceived notions of job titles. Roles in compliance, human resources, or administration, for example, are often perceived as being boring, career-limiting, or otherwise undesirable. Such preconceptions, however, about the scope, strategic importance, and long-term potential of these positions are not always true in today’s market.”

Clark also advises job seekers to be mindful of their presence on the World Wide Web. The previously cited article asserts that 92 percent of employers seek out candidate profiles on social media platforms during the screening process. As such, Clark asserts that it is essential for job seekers to create a positive online image.

“All too often I’ve heard of recruiters ruling a highly qualified candidate out because of what they post on Facebook or Twitter,” Clark comments. “Ultimately, social media is a great tool for connecting people—but it is also a tool that can be devastating to your job hunt if you don’t use it properly. It’s imperative that all job seekers check their privacy settings and only use profile pictures that they would be comfortable showing to potential bosses.”

Finally, Clark explains that an updated resume and a targeted cover letter can go a long way in attracting the right attention. “Many job seekers have resumes that are outdated or do not accurately or professionally showcase their skills, experiences, and accomplishments,” Clark asserts. “This is detrimental, as this really is the first impression that hiring managers and recruiters have of their candidates. As a result, it is incredibly important that today’s job seekers turn to professional resume writers, like those at Grammar Chic, Inc., to craft resumes that depict their qualifications accurately.”

The average job seeker is encouraged to avoid a long list of mistakes regarding the crafting of their resume, but there are so many different guidelines to keep in mind that it can become extremely difficult for individuals to navigate the resume writing process. As such, professional resume writers have become an incredibly valuable resource for professionals who are looking for a new position.

“Our resume writers have taken the time to research the expectations of different industries and to understand what, exactly, a successful resume looks like on today’s job market,” Clark comments. “I encourage anyone who is looking for a new job in 2014 to contact my company to learn more about why a professionally written resume is essential and how we can address the unique concerns that each candidate holds.

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