Chic Resumes Builds Resumes for Job Seekers Looking to Apply Within Top Employment Markets

Chic Resumes responds to a recent list of top U.S. cities for employment by describing ways optimized resumes can boost hiring chances.

Although recent reports reveal that 217,000 jobs were added in May throughout the United States, the unemployment rate remains unchanged at 6.3 percent. Both economists and job seekers welcome the growth; however, Chic Resumes—professional resume writing service—notes that the staggered growth still presents challenges for those looking for gainful employment. For instance, job growth can vary depending on location and industry—obstacles that require greater strategy on part of the modern job seeker.

Chic Resumes points to a recent article from Forbes that highlights some of the best places for job seekers to seek work today. Among the top cities for employment are Austin, Houston, Miami and Charlotte. However, the Chic Resumes team explains that these areas are not adding jobs in general—but are expanding within specific areas.

Amanda Clark, CEO of Chic Resumes, responds, “Job seekers who are in a market that is experiencing job growth need to make sure that the growth is occurring within their chosen industry. However, if a job seeker has not worked within a growing industry, they do not have to lose hope of future employment—their resume can be crafted to meet the needs of a certain market.”

For example, Forbes cites Austin’s growing employment within customer service, business and professional services, as well as leisure and hospitality markets. Chic Resumes explains that while Austin job seekers may not have worked in these industries, they can revise their resumes to adapt previous job skills to these growing markets. Clark explains, “A person who has worked in sales and wants to transition to hospitality can do so by looking at what current skills correlate to the needs of the hospitality market. It can take some research, but highlighting relevant skills on a resume is essential to standing out.”

Clark also explains that with the recent identification of top employment markets, there is likely to be a wave of greater competition among job seekers. For this reason, she and the Chic Resumes team urges modern professionals to polish their resumes and cover letters to stand out from fellow applicants.

Individuals who do not already reside within these growing markets may have the necessary industry skills, but will have to consider the possibility of relocation. Clark adds, “In today’s economy, many professionals are finding that they have to go where the money is. However, it can be much more difficult to gain a position if it requires relocation—a flawless resume and cover letter can certainly help alleviate those concerns.”

Chic Resumes notes that while highlighting industry-specific skills and potential for mobility are top concerns among job seekers, there are many ways to bring out these factors within a job application. Understanding what specific industries and their recruiters are looking for, the professional writers at Chic Resumes offer one-on-one consultation, as well as resume and cover letter creation for those looking to break into new industries or move to a new job market.

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