Chic Marketing by Grammar Chic, Inc. Reveals Unique Inbound Marketing Campaign Procedures

Chic Marketing by Grammar Chic, Inc. innovates a streamlined content creation process for clients.

Chic Marketing by Grammar Chic, Inc. is taking spring by storm, CEO Amanda E. Clark stated. It has expanded its services to include complete editorial consulting, content and inbound marketing, campaign management, and social media for clients across the country.

“The Chic Marketing branch of Grammar Chic has become an all-in-one resource for our clients,” Clark said. “We utilize a set of tools to tailor strategies to fit each client’s needs, whether they are the owner of white collar firm or a local contracting business. The client’s industry doesn’t matter so much as how we approach inbound marketing in such a way to reach more customers, build an online presence, and develop content.”

Online marketing, according to Clark, is an often misunderstood concept for business owners. While most are familiar with emails, social media, and blogs, few comprehend the time and talent it takes to launch a worthwhile campaign. To educate new clients, Chic Marketing creates unique marketing plans for prospective clients. These editorial plans go into the different processes it uses, such as content marketing and social media management, and proposes possible solutions to help clients meet their goals.

In addition, Clark believes in complete transparency when it comes to building relationships with businesses and professionals. The first step is contact, followed by research and creation.

“Chic Marketing emphasizes consultation calls,” Clark said. “The objective of the call is for us to understand what your goals are, the industry you fit in, what makes you unique, and what you expect from content marketing.”

Following the call, Chic Marketing’s content strategists research the client’s existing social assets and find innovative ways to market them. During this stage, the writers will develop the aforementioned proposal to help the clients better understand the strategies it will use throughout the campaign. Next, the online marketing company begins creating unique content for social media, blogs, websites, and other online assets.

“We usually start with websites and social media depending on the client’s existing assets,” Clark said. “Websites are like a home base for these campaigns, and social media is a constant game of posting, response, and outreach. We also work to streamline a client’s blog and start writing content to drive traffic to the blog and website.”

Clark said it is important to note that all of the content Chic Marketing creates is reviewed by clients before it is posted. This encourages feedback from both parties and ensures that the blog posts, social media content, and other marketing materials align with the client’s style. Over time, Clark said a majority of clients become comfortable with Chic Marketing’s strategies and the review process becomes automatic.

Once the base assets are created, Chic Marketing will start sending weekly content schedules to the client that includes social media, blog posts, and other materials. Following every post, Chic Marketing engages with feedback, comments, and shares from followers to maximize exposure.

“It’s a very unique process, and we’ve seen it work time and time again with our client’s campaigns,” Clark said. “All it takes is a phone call.”


A professional writing company located in Charlotte, North Carolina, Chic Marketing by Grammar Chic, Inc. is passionate about helping its clients shine through superior content. The team employs all in-house, American writers who are seasoned and adept in content marketing, social media marketing, Web content writing, blogging and more. Grammar Chic’s CEO, Amanda E. Clark, is a nationally known thought leader in digital marketing and copywriting. To learn more about Grammar Chic, Inc. and the services it offers, visit Interested individuals are invited to “like” the company’s Facebook page and follow @GrammarChicInc on Twitter. 

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