Chic Marketing by Grammar Chic, Inc. Offers 15 Percent Discount And Social Media Success For Clients

Amanda E. Clark, editor-in-chief of Chic Marketing by Grammar Chic, Inc., announces a 15 percent discount for new clients.

Chic Marketing by Grammar Chic, Inc. recently announced a 15 percent off promotion for long-term clients. The discount, according to the Charlotte-based company’s CEO and editor-in-chief Amanda E. Clark, is directed toward small- to mid-sized businesses.

“Smaller companies seldom have the resources, time, and experience to turn a profit in the online marketing arena,” Clark said. “Grammar Chic, Inc. dedicates its efforts to meet the needs of these businesses. We handle everything from social media posting and blogging to writing content for websites, press releases, and anything else that drives online branding.”

Content marketing is a new term that implies written material and social media. Combined, Clark said these strategies can grow a company’s online presence and increase website traffic. Blogs, Facebook pages, Twitter handles, pages on websites, and other online assets all have a part to play.

The outsourced idea is not new for smaller companies and startups.

“By outsourcing, we enable our clients to focus on what matters most to them: Growth,” Clark said. “Rushing through and publishing shoddy content is a good way to damage an online presence and marketing campaign, however, which is why we work side-by-side with clients to formulate marketing material and grow social awareness.”

Chic Marketing is the content marketing branch of Grammar Chic, Inc. The writers and social media experts within the company find organic ways to build client campaigns. The editorial calendar, according to Clark, is the foundation of these strategies. A calendar lays out week-by-week postings that either the client or Chic Marketing publishes. This includes blog content, posts for popular social media platforms, images, and other material.

“We decided to approach content marketing from a week-to-week standpoint,” Clark said. “The majority of outsourced marketing companies create two or even three-month calendars. While working so far ahead reduces workload, these campaigns are dated before they’re even published.”

Another focus of Chic Marketing by Grammar Chic, Inc. is aligning the tone and style of the content with a client’s voice. The company encourages feedback and works to thoroughly understand each of its campaigns. By taking input from clients, researching trending topics, writing content, and building social media, this outsourced content marketing method becomes a stress-free, automatic process for clients.

To further prove the effectiveness of these campaigns and its team, Chic Marketing announced a 15 percent discount for clients who sign a six-month contract.

“Content marketing is a process,” Clark said. “It takes time to understand your industry, voice, and objectives. Over time, long-term efforts will start adding up and you’ll see a major boost to website traffic. In addition, your social platforms will become more engaging and have the ability to grow more fans and activity on their own.”

Chic Marketing by Grammar Chic, Inc. has the resources to manage the minute details of social campaigns. This includes scheduled and original social media postings, community interaction, and other strategies used by the content experts.


A professional writing company located in Charlotte, North Carolina, Chic Marketing by Grammar Chic, Inc. is passionate about helping its clients shine through superior content. The team employs all in-house, American writers who are seasoned and adept in content marketing, social media marketing, Web content writing, blogging and more. Grammar Chic’s CEO, Amanda E. Clark, is a nationally known thought leader in digital marketing and copywriting. To learn more about Grammar Chic, Inc. and the services it offers, visit Interested individuals are invited to “like” the company’s Facebook page and follow @GrammarChicInc on Twitter. 

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