Cheap Survival Gear — SOS Rescue Tool Slashes Prices on Emergency Blankets in Amazon Store

Emergency Survival Guide is Free with 6 and 12 Pack of Emergency Blankets

Palm Springs, CA – Cheap Survival Gear is now available on SOS Rescue Tools has slashed prices on all of their products including their bestselling 6 pack of Emergency Mylar Blankets. As they, in a short period of time, have made an impact on the Amazon Marketplace, owner William Douglas has reduced prices to expand brand visibility.

The company also, through an email series, educates its customers with instructions and suggestions on how to use their products including their emergency Mylar blankets. This is a very valuable service for their customers and is one of the reasons they are making headway in this competitive niche.

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“We very proud of our products and our customer service. We are committed to bring the Amazon Marketplace the best in survival gear at prices that make sense” says William Douglas. “However, it doesn’t stop at cheap survival gear. We’re also committed to offering our customers the best information they can have to best utilize our tools.”

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Below are 10 Ways Emergency Blankets Can Save Your Life according To SOS Rescue Tools

  1. Using as a pack liner to keep spare clothes dry in rainy weather.
  2. Line inside of boots to keep socks dry and your feet warm.
  3. Build an outdoor refrigerator by wrapping food, tying off the blanket, then placing it in a cold creek.  Weigh down the end of bag with a rock or another sand filled Mylar unit to keep it from floating away.
  4. Cut an extra blanket into strips and tie them to trees for trail marking.
  5. Use to make a food cache by wrapping food in the blanket, tying with rope, then tossing rope over a high branch. You then hoist the bag and tie off the rope to keep Bear and other scavengers away from your food.
  6. Warmth – Mylar blankets retain 80-90% of your body heat and since they’re so compact, they fit easily into any bug-out bag, car compartment, miscellaneous drawer, hiking pack, etc.
  7. Sleeping Bag – For a child, fold the blanket over and duct tape the edges together. For adults, you may need two, depending on the size of the person. They also work great as liners for existing sleeping bags.
  8. Shelter – If constructed properly, your Mylar Blanket can keep rain out while keeping warmth in. You can use the blanket to make a simple “lean-to shelter” in the woods.
  9. Use as gaiters – Keep legs and feet dry by wrapping Mylar around legs and secure with duct tape.
  10. Power Outages – Since Mylar blankets are good at keeping heat in, you can use them on your windows if the power goes out. They will reflect back light from a fireplace indoors and create a pocket barrier in your window frame to keep the cold out.

The company offers these tips as a way to “inspire your creativity. If you’re stranded alone, or with people depending on you, your creativity will be your greatest resource,” says William Douglas, SOS Rescue Tools Executive.

SOS Rescue Tools was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Palm Springs, CA. Their products are sold exclusively on

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