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People are more willing to find love online nowadays. But in order to maintain the relationship, you must put in the effort.’s recent study found that people look forward to online dating more than to traditional dating. They are also more willing to meet people this way. CharmDate is website where singles can look for true love worldwide and holds a growing visibility and credibility in the industry.

Three years ago, Llia Apostolou, a woman from London, decided to use Twitter to look for a temporary boyfriend to go to her sister’s wedding with, and found a complete stranger who was willing to do so after exchanging messages. Although they did not end up going together in the end, they met up later that week and ended up getting married three years later, in June 2017.

CharmDate’s members believe that long distance online dating give couples greater space for imagination – distance creates beauty. At the same time, online dating gives both sides space and a sense of independence, and more freedom. As a result, when long distance couples chat they get a greater feeling of romantic freshness and are more immersed in conversation. The Internet also provides more choice – the chances of experiencing true love are greatly increased. This explains why the popularity and success rate of online dating in modern society surpasses traditional dating.

CharmDate believes online dating has a fairly high success rate and is relatively easier. But in order to allow long distance couples to stably development their feelings for each other, they need to work hard and put in the effort to maintain the relationship. If there is a time difference, you can agree which days in the week to spend some quality time chatting via the Live Chat or Love Call services. The more you chat, the better you know each other and the deeper your feelings for each other are. Of course, spending some time together every day would be ideal to keep the fire burning! On special days, such as anniversaries, festivals and birthdays etc. don’t forget to use the gift service to send a surprise, let each other know you’re thinking about each other and say “I love you”. CharmDate hopes these tips will help you find true love here very soon!

About is a popular online dating platform where connects singles across the world via a fast and effective way. CharmDate’s mission is simple, which is to provide members with safe and easy-to-use services, such as Camshare, Live Chat, Love Call, Video Show, EMF Mail, etc. to fulfill their needs.

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