‘CHAOS – THE CREATIVE PROTOTYPE OF HARMONY’ Chaos Creative Society, Representing 8 Different Creators From a Wide Range of Disciplines, to Show at the London Design Festival 2015

The London Design Festival is one of the year’s most significant events for the country’s designers and artists. This year’s event, which is scheduled to run from September 18-27th 2015, will feature eight different creators from the
Chaos Creative Society. The creative work will be delivering their unique interpretations of the idea of constructive energy and fine order, which sieves down from the pandemonium and randomness that define chaos.

Since 2003, the London Design Festival has been one of the world’s most important design events. This year’s event will feature over 350 over exhibitions and events staged by over a hundred organizations representing all facets of the design world. One of the partner organizations participating is Chaos Creative Society. The Exhibition Curator of Chaos Creative Society, Kenneth Awele Okafor wants to exhibit a group of creative individuals in order to create an exhibition that reflects upon the theme of “Chaos: The Creative Prototype of Harmony”, In addition to this, it aims to share creative ideas within different related disciplines like architecture, art, fashion, design, illustration and much more. The society is scheduled to exhibit at the London Design Festival 2015 between September 19-27th, with a private view showing on September 18th at 37 Coate Studios, Hackney, London.

“Unconventional art has always been an immense motivation for me,” commented Fashion Design Graduate Diana Dau, the founder of Chaos Creative Society in 2014. “It’s wonderful to have a chance to collaborate like this and present our ideas in the form of art related to chaos as the starting point for harmony. Exhibiting at the London Design Festival 2015 is a great opportunity to share our work, and we’re really looking forward to it.”

Diana Dau will present her fashion design collection called ‘CHAOS’, but other participates represents the prototype of harmony, in very diverse circumstances. The Chaos Creative Society members include: Kenneth Awele Okafor, a Part 2 Architecture Masters Graduate who has worked extensively around the issues of finding reconciliation and social cohesion in Hebron and Bethlehem, Palestine and Hackney, London in an urban architectural context.

Photographer/artist Jannine Smith, who sees chaos and harmony manifested in the everyday street lives of ordinary people. Artist Azarra Amoy focused on very detailed creative illustrations that interpret her own definition. Artist Mircha Ivens shows ingenious art that has the ability to create individualistic paintings that are eccentric and singular. Artist George Semeniuc’s philosophy in art consists of everything has its own nature and escape. Part 2 Architecture Masters Graduate Zinnura’ain Zainal presents a modern art mix of sculpture and architectural design in the exhibition. Yuko Endo, an architecture student who has focused on the transition from chaos to harmony and order in London-based community groups.

Okafor wanted the designers to collaborate around the subject theme to present work that explores and celebrates traditional and non-traditional thoughts on chaos coming down from pandemonium and transforming into order, in all aspects of life and art. The medium used varies, along with the different interpretations of the work presented in the harmony stage that finalizes a creative idea, but “Chaos: Creative Prototype of Harmony” is clearly the truth that binds everything together. The London Design Festival will offer the chance to see these efforts and reflect on them, something that a great number of people are clearly looking forward to doing. 

The exhibition will be held at Coate Studios, 37 Coate Street, E2 9AG.

More information on the London Design Festival can be found at www.londondesignfestival.com

For more information on the Chaos Creative Society, be sure to visit www.chaoscreativehackney.space or email info@chaoscreativehackney.space



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