Changes to Taste Buds & Perception Produced by Bariatric Surgery May Produce Greater Weight Loss Success

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New Hyde Park, NY – Bariatric surgery is proven to be successful for producing both quick and long-term weight loss results, allowing patients to live happier, healthier and longer lives. Now, a recent study by the Stanford University School of Medicine in California is shedding light on an ancillary way in which bariatric surgery may lead to these results, via a change in a person’s taste buds and their perception of taste.

Different types of bariatric surgery differ in terms of how they achieve a common goal, restricting how much a patient is able to ingest at a time. In a procedure such as either gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy, the physical size of a person’s stomach is altered. A smaller pouch is created which therefore enables a person to feel fuller with much less food, producing dramatic weight loss success.

These researchers have found though that those who reported a decrease in taste intensity following bariatric surgery saw superior results than those who did not report a change, or whose taste became more intense. Individuals who reported a decrease in taste intensity lost 20 percent more weight over a 3-month period.

Further, obese patients were found to be less taste sensitive than normal weight patients even before undergoing bariatric surgery. This showcases that obese individuals may seek satisfaction from food not via quality of flavor, but rather, quantity, an intriguing look at a potential root cause of obesity.

The New York Bariatric Group, which consists of five of the country’s leading bariatric surgeons, places an emphasis not only on safe, innovative and successful surgery, but also on patient education. They have long believed that providing assistance to patients so they can better manage their lifestyle and make long-term behavioral changes is paramount to sustaining results.

This latest study points to both the need for superior pre-surgery interventions to help obese individuals change unhealthy patterns, as well as post-surgery education on following correct nutritional approaches.

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