CGEN, new crypto-community asset for startups

CGEN (Community Generation) is a PoS based coin, with its own blockchain and wallet. CGEN is created to generate a huge crypto-community and help new startups all over the world to gain an audience, find investors and fund their project. CGEN can be used to trade crypto-assets with startups in the following way: we provide the start-up CGEN coin, that is already listed on the exchange, and in return receive start-up tokens, which can be sold and spread among our community for a discounted price and other benefits. Start-ups can quickly attract investors from CGEN-community and can immediately sell their CGEN on the exchange, instead of waiting when their token is listed there.

CGEN was listed on first exchange (Coinhitex) in March 2018. Very soon, CGEN will be listed on other exchanges, such as,, and

New startups listed on Crowdsale.Network will have an option to sell their tokens for user’s CGEN

CGEN allows holders to generate profits passively. CGEN mining generates around 77% annually (preset within algorithm). Mining does not require powerful PC or farm, you will just need a simple laptop to run the program.

CGEN is made to support prospective start-ups, hence, the information about CGEN will spread virally. Hence the price of CGEN will rise. Hence, holder’s capital will multiply rapidly.

CGEN is based on PoS (Proof of Stake) technology. This means anyone can mine it, without the need for expensive hardware and electricity. CGEN has its own community of investors, there are over 2000 people and growing. Founders encourage investors to buy CGEN now since the cryptocurrency market is experiencing a downfall. This is the best opportunity to buy CGEN cheaper than ever.

CGEN just entered the market recently. Pre-mining is 55% and trades have already started. Now might be the best time to buy CGEN and start mining it, not to mention it being and an excellent investment.

CGEN is based on X13 hashing algorithm that utilizes 13 hashing rounds along with 13 different hash functions. This makes CGEN one of the most reliable coins on the market. The CGEN supply available for purchase is limited, since holders are interested in keeping coins for further mining, as their own “money printing machine”. Hence, CGEN has a much bigger potential as an investment asset.

The maximum supply of CGEN is 22,555,777,888. Yearly return of coins in mining is around 77%. The team is currently working on wallet updates, payment API and ICO cooperations. Features like web and mobile payments and integration with multi-wallets are planned.

More information regarding CGEN can be found at Cgen.Network and Telegram channel.

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