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Helping Pain where it hurts the most
LidoPlus Pain Cream and Patches — the innovative Lidocaine Pain Cream and Pain Patch now available through Mr. Checkout Distributors.

Over 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain, of which 26 million between the ages of 20-64 experience frequent back pain.
In addition, many suffer from pain in various other parts of the body.

LidoPlus array of products are unlike any other — the development team at Centura Pharmaceuticals consisting of pharmacists, considered almost everything when creating these products, meaning that no other comparable product has all these healing and pain relieving ingredients. Available over the counter with near prescription strength ingredients. Get high impulse sales from an attractively packaged product, professionally formulated with unique effective ingredients. 


LidoPlus Cream:

Contains Lidocaine 4% with natural anti-inflammatory and healing ingredients Arnica & Witch Hazel together with Glucosamine & Chondroitin. Superior penetration and skin compatibility is significantly improved by balancing the cream to a pH of 5.5, which is the ideal natural pH of skin. These formulation features are unique and not available in any other lidocaine product. Available in large 4oz tubes and recommended by pharmacists and formulated to allow fast and deep penetration. 

· FDA registered product
· Popular impulse sale item for pain
· Recommended by Health Professionals
· Largest 4 oz tube (118gm) – compare this to other pain creams!
· Unique carefully selected ingredients with an ideal skin pH
· As close as possible to prescription strength lidocaine cream
· Formulated to allow maximum penetration for maximum pain relief
· Made in USA

LidoPlus Patches: 

The patches contain Lidocaine 4% and feature a unique gel matrix technology compared to other competitors. Five large patches individually wrapped which can be cut to size. The inclusion of menthol in the patch helps for better pain relief meaning longer lasting pain relief and maximum penetration. In addition, just like the cream, the lidocaine strength is as close as possible to prescription strength, to ensure maximum pain relief. 

· FDA registered product
· Popular impulse item for pain
· Recommended by Health Professionals
· Each large box has 5 large patches wrapped individually in resealable bags
· Large 6 x 4 inch patches
· Unique gel matrix technology for longer relief
· Cut to size and place unused patch in resealable bag
· As close as possible to prescription strength lidocaine patches
· Formulated to allow maximum penetration for maximum pain relief
· To be used on clean,flat,lotion free dry skin

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