Cellular Research Institute Increases the Manufacturing Capacity of Complete Biome Probiotics to Meet Increased Customer Demand.

Cellular Research Institute has recently enhanced their manufacturing facility to cope up with the ever increasing demand for their popular product Complete Biome Probiotics. Powered by the ten most essential bacterial strains for the effective gut health, this product has been receiving powerfull reviews from the buyers since its launch.

Cellular Research Institute is pleased to announce the expansion of their manufacturing facility with effect from the month of July. The company sources have also revealed that this decision has been taken to ensure continuous availability of their popular product Complete Biome Probiotics. This product has experienced a very high demand over the last quorter, making it extremely difficult for the company to maintain adequate stock. Now, with a higher production capacity, Cellular Research Institute is confident about serving a higher number of customers with their highly recommended probiotic formula.

Probiotics are living bacterial species and yeasts that are proven to have a positive impact on the human health, particularly on the digestive system.  The most important functional feature of this product is that it contains the ten most research backed bacterial strains for gut health.  Probiotic formulations often lose their efficiency because of exposure to moisture and oxygen. Cellular Research Institute solves this problem by following a manufacturing process that is completely climate controlled. Moreover, this product does not contain fillers, preservatives, gluten, salt, soy, egg, or shellfish.  

Highlighting the need for increasing the production of this product, a senior official from Cellular Research Institute stated, “Over the last two months, the demand has increased by over 87%. In this scenario, the only long term solution is to produce compelte biome probiotics in higher volumes. With an improved production facility, we are now ready to handle even higher than the forecasted customer volume.”

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