Celebrity Heather A. Thompson & the Psychology of “Clarity” Changes Orphans’ Lives In Nepal

There are many good people making the world a better place, and Kerrie Mercel, the founder of the new brand Clarity is one of them. She has donated a large amount of money to the Mera2018X exhibition that is working with the CDCA Kapan Project. A vital and effective initiative, the Center For Disabled Children Assistance in Nepal rehabilitates, educates, and empowers disabled children so they too can lead lives with dignity and respect.

Kerrie is working with Petra Williams and Heather A.Thomson, two strong females in the MERA2018X who have been raising money prior to the Nepal trip. Petra and Heather will deliver their time, energy, the money that has been donated by Kerrie Mercel and other sponsors during their upcoming charity trek in Nepal.

The Mera2018X exhibition is led by celebrity Heather A. Thomson who will bring her substantial fan following. Heather is a high profile celebrity that starred in 4 seasons of Housewives of New York. She is also a motivational speaker, designer, entrepreneur, TV personality and philanthropist.

Petra, Heather and the other MERA 2018X team members have organised a trip to Nepal to rebuild an orphanage for disabled children and are currently seeking more sponsors and donations to raise money for the cause. The donations contribute to giving the children new wheelchairs, medical resources and helps rebuilding of the orphanage.

Kerrie Mercel is the founder and owner of Clarity Cards strongly aligns with the CDCA Project. She designed Clarity Cards for women seeking to create a clear mind, new direction and clarity. She is also a motivational speaker and her passions include helping others realise and reach their full potential which is why the MERA 2018X initiative is close to her heart.

Unfortunately, Nepal, a land abundant in natural beauty and rich culture, is also affected by poverty. There are a large number of children deprived of quality education, nutritious food, love and care. The Center For Disabled Children Assistance (CDCA) helps children with physical disabilities and helpless children by providing them a nurturing environment, rehabilitating them, providing education, medical treatment and psycho-social counselling to enable them to an live an independent life full of dignity and respect.


The Clarity Cards brand was created and designed by Kerrie Mercel to help people release damaging thoughts, emotions and beliefs from their past instantly easing pain and suffering.

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