Celebrity Dummies Offers a Large Collection of Top Quality Ventriloquist Dolls

We have a whole team of experts who keep a close watch on the safety, strength, and quality of these toys. They judge the value of every toy we make before they reach you.
Celebrity Dummies offers a whole new range of ventriloquist dolls for professional as well as novice entertainers.

Celebrity Dummies, the popular online store for ventriloquist dolls, has added more variety to its collection. Some of the most creative and experienced designers work for this trusted e-commerce store, which stocks dummies for beginners as well as pros.

“Our wide range of ventriloquist dolls are designed by young and not-so-young production experts, engineers, and other with an eye for creativity,” says the spokesperson for Celebrity Dummies while explaining their creative approach towards creation of these wonderful dolls. “We have a whole team of experts who keep a close watch on the safety, strength, and quality of these toys. They judge the value of every toy we make before they reach you.”

Celebrity Dummies believes that toys don’t just happen. Here, they are created by designers and experts who know what it takes to create a winner. The store has a number of highly popular ventriloquist dummies, such as Howdy Doody, Slappy, Lester, and lots more. One of the characters that sell in large numbers is Bozo the Clown. This celebrity ventriloquist doll is extremely popular among children and is in high demand during church shows and school programs.

Celebrity Dummies also sells a large number of the well-known ventriloquist figure, Charlie McCarthy. The original creation of Edgar Bergen, this doll is probably one of the oldest ventriloquist characters and has featured in numerous radio shows from as early as 1937.

Ventriloquist enthusiasts can also order celebrity ventriloquist doll, Danny O’Day, the character with the most appealing personality. It has the ability to grab attention with its big, brown eyes, and molded greasy-kid-stuff hairdo. Its cherry red lips continue to be a popular trait of most ventriloquist dolls since the 1950s.

Celebrity Dummies is the trusted online destination for famous characters like Groucho Marx, the leader of the Marx Brothers team of comic characters. This ventriloquist doll is designed to create a lot of dramatic effect during shows, as it paces about doing his trademark moves. The black sports jacket, white dress shirt, black tie, and other parts of the ensemble are all designed creatively to make the Groucho Marx character come alive in a spectacular, attention-grabbing manner.

Celebrity Dummies can be contacted for ordering a host of other popular vent dummies such as Emmett Kelly Jr., Mortimer Snend, W.C. Fields, and many others, which are top sellers on the portal. They use the latest technology to provide their clients a smooth and hassle-free ordering experience. Some of the key advantages of using Celebrity Dummies are their large selection, superior customer service, and 100 percent money back guarantee.


Celebrity Dummies offers a range of hugely popular and top quality ventriloquist dolls for sale. These amazing dolls are created by some of the best-known designers and creative artists, and stand out for their premium quality and durability.

For more information, visit http://www.celebritydummies.com/.

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