Celebrity Dummies Launches a New Special Episode about Shari Lewis

Celebrity Dummies, a reputable ecommerce store that sells a wide variety of ventriloquist dummies, recent launched a new special episode that talks about Shari Lewis, a famous ventriloquist and puppeteer in America.

Celebrities Dummies share some stories that can be watched on YouTube. Those stories feature few of the most popular ventriloquists and puppeteers who once brought fun and unequalled entertainment experience to everyone.

Celebrities Dummies takes pride to present Shari Lewis and her wonderful life story as a ventriloquist. She is a native of America and she spent her life in working as a ventriloquist, puppeteer and a host of a popular television show for kids, way back in 1960s to 1990s. Shari displayed a very strong passion and interest for being a ventriloquist and so, the NBC gave her 1st network program and that show was named The Shari Lewis Show and it was first aired on TV last October 1, 1960 and it replaced the popular “The Howdy Doody Show.” This show ran until the 28th day of September in 1963 and it featured various characters such as Charlie Horse, Hush Puppy, Wing Ding and Lamb Chop. With her extraordinary skills, she received twelve Emmy Awards throughout her lifetime. Celebrities Dummies features more famous ventriloquists on YouTube.

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