Celebrity Dummies Features Scary Ventriloquist Dummy Slappy

Celebrity Dummies, an online ecommerce store offering a wide range of ventriloquist dolls, proudly features Slappy the Dummy, a scary ventriloquist character taken from the popular TV series Goosebumps.

Also known as Dracula with charm, Slappy is an excellent character to study for those who are learning about ventriloquists and their figures. Created by author R.L. Stine, the scary ventriloquist dummy has an interesting and vivid background because of the books written about him.

The book Bride of the Living Dummy reveals that Slappy was created by a sorcerer who made him out of coffin wood. He becomes alive when “Karru Marri Odonna Loma Molonu Karrano” that means “You and I are one now” are spoken out loud. He then tries his best to control the one who read it and usually, that person ends up in all forms of trouble. In the book Bride of the Living Dummy, he fell in love with a human girl named Jillian, but Mary-Ellen, another doll, wants Slappy for herself. Slappy’s main goal is to find a slave that will serve him. He plays cruel, wicked pranks on anyone and his low, croaky voice is a significant part of his creepy character. Slappy is sporty and spooky in his prim-and-grim clothing. He’s wearing black socks, brown shoes, white dress shirt, double-breasted jacket (dark gray) and crimson bow tie to complement the rose perched in the jacket lapel he is wearing. He also appears to hypnotize the viewers with his ice-green eyes that glow in the dark. According to the books, Slappy possesses super-human strength.

Those who are looking for a creepy ventriloquist figure to add to their collection will find Slappy the best choice for them. While he may not appeal to preschool audiences, school-age children will surely love this ventriloquist dummy. Slappy the Dummy measures 32 inches in length and comes assembled and ready for immediate use. His mouth is operated through a string attached to the back of his head. Slappy also comes with a free How to be a Ventriloquist booklet.

Celebrity Dummies is based in Tampa, FL and offers a wide range of ventriloquist dolls from Slappy to Lester to Howdy Doody and more. The store guarantees to offer dolls that have the strength, value, quality and safety everyone is looking for. 

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