Catering in China Market 2018 Global Trend, Segmentation and Opportunities Forecast To 2021

Catering in China
Catering -Market Demand, Growth, Opportunities and Analysis of Top Key Player Forecast to 2023

Catering Industry


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The revenue of national catering industry in 2015 and Jan.-May 2016 are RMB3,231 billion and RMB1,377.6 billion, with year-on-year growth of 11.7% and 11.3% respectively . Fast food market has maintained strong growth momentum with the annual turnover increase of 5.17%. It is estimated that the revenue of national catering industry in 2016 will over RMB3,500 billion.

In this report, ASKCI analyzes catering market in China to provide understanding of this industry in terms of market size, catering in different regions, key players, etc. Meanwhile, recommendations will be given at the end of the report to describe the prospect and provide forward-thinking strategies.

Mass catering has become the main player of the market as it accounts for 80% demands out of three trillion catering revenues. Currently, the market has been guided by consumers’ demands for the safety, health, specialty and service in the catering industry. To this end, small and delicate restaurant, chain store with single product, weeding and other merry-making events as well as shopping mall catering business is mostly like to be the future trends. In addition, new industrial models have experienced rapid growth. Models of catering industry, including fast food, group buying, hot pot, leisure catering business, snacks, community catering, shopping mall restaurant, take-out and take-away and health regimen have boomed. Furthermore, O2O model of China’s catering business has experienced rapid increase, featured by robust growth in take-out market undergoing constant improvement.

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In the future, the catering industry in China will keep growing at 18% annually; China will cultivate more than 100 catering enterprise groups with distinctive regional characteristics, fine cultural atmosphere, great social influence and annual turnover of over RMB1 billion; the catering industry over the country attracts a population of over 25 million for employment; according to the plan, China will build 800 staple food processing and distributing centers and 160,000 chain and standardized breakfast outlets, standardize a batch of fast food brands, so as to facilitate the initial formation of a development pattern in which mass catering is the main part, balanced development of various catering types can be achieved, and the overall development level basically adapts to the catering consumption demands of residents.

1) The Aim of Report 

-To provide readers with comprehensive and in-depth understanding of Chinese catering industry; 
-To analyze the market size of catering industry in China; 
-To analyze the market development of catering industry in China; 
-To analyze operation situation of catering industry in China; 
-To analyze key players of catering industry in China; 
-To analyze consumption pattern of catering industry in China.

2) Benefit from the Report 

-Obtain latest info of catering industry, such as market size, consumption pattern, key players, etc.; 
-Discover Chinese catering industry by region; 
-Learn more about the development of catering industry in China;


The report will investigate Chinese road freight industry from the following aspects: 
-Industry development 
-Market size 
-Consumption pattern 
-Key players 
-Market segment 

3-5 work days needed.

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Table of Content

1 General Introduction of Catering Industry 
2 Analysis of Development Environment of Catering Industry 
3 Analysis of Development of Global Catering Industry 
4 Analysis of Development Trend of China Catering Industry 
5 Overall Operation Situation of Catering in China 
6 Operation Situation of China’s Chain Catering in 2015 

7 Analysis of China’s catering market operations in 2015 
8 China Catering Consumption Market Analysis in 2015 
9 Analysis of Consumption Pattern in China Catering Industry in 2015 

10 Marketing Strategy Analysis of the Catering Industry 
(I) Chinese restaurant 
(II) Western restaurant 
(I) Buffet 
(II) Fast food industry 
12 Analysis of chain management of catering enterprises 

13 Overview of hotel catering industry 
14 China Chain Catering Industry Analysis 
15 Chinese Catering Industy Analysis by Region 
16 Analysis of Competition in the Catering Trade Pattern 
17 Analysis of Major Enterprises in Catering Industry 
    17.1 Fast Food Enterprises Analysis 
    17.2 Analysis of Restaurant Companies 
      17.2.1 Xiao Nan Guo Restaurants Holdings Limited 
      17.2.2 China Quanjude (Group) Co., Ltd 
      17.2.3 Fulum Group Holdings Limited 
      17.2.4 Harvest Festival (Group) Corporation Limited 
      17.2.5 Xi’an Catering Co.,Ltd. 
      17.2.6 Guangzhou Restaurant Group Co., LTD 
      17.2.7 Tongqing Catering Co.,Ltd. 
      17.2.8 Tang Palace (China) Holding Limited 
      17.2.9 Chongqing Taoranju Catering Culture Group 
      17.2.10 Shanghai Xinghualou (Holding) Company Limited 
      17.2.11 Nanjing Dahui Group Development co., LTD 
      17.2.12 Wenzhou Yuntianlou Industrial co., LTD 
      17.2.13 Beijing Huatian Catering Group co., LTD 
      17.2.14 Hangzhou Louwailou Industrial Group co., LTD 
      17.2.15 South Beauty (Beijing) Enterprise Management co., LTD. 
    17.3 Analysis of hot pot chain catering enterprises 
      17.3.1 Wuhan Hongding Doulao Food Co., Ltd. 
      17.3.2 Xiabuxiabu Catering Management (China) Holdings Co., Ltd. 
      17.3.3 Sichuan Haidilao Catering Co., Ltd. 
      17.3.4 Beijing Huangjihuang Catering Management Co., Ltd. 
      17.3.5 Chongqing German Village Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. 
      17.3.6 Chongqing Liuyishou Dinning Management Co., Ltd. 
      17.3.7 Macao Dou Lao Holding Group Co., Ltd. 
    17.4 Other Business Format 
      17.4.1 Starbucks 
      17.4.2 Zhejiang Sunward Fishery Restaurant Group 
      17.4.3 Ting Hsin International Group 
      17.4.4 Shenzhen Pasta Wang Restaurant Chain Co., Ltd 
      17.4.5 Wulumuqi Sushi Business Development Co., Ltd 
      17.4.6 Malan Noodle Restaurant Chain Corporation 
      17.4.7 Goubuli Group Co., Ltd 
      17.4.8 Jinan Eastday Houkal Catering Management Co., Ltd 
      17.4.9 Water Paradise Restaurant Management Co., Ltd 
      17.4.10 Garwon Restaurant Chains Co., Ltd 
      17.4.11 Anhui Home Original Chicken Catering Co., Ltd. 
      17.4.12 Acasia Deli Food Co., Ltd 
      17.4.13 Qing-Feng Steam Dumpling Shop 
18 Forecast of the Development Trend of the Catering Industry 

(I) Forecast of catering consumption during “the 13th Five Year Plan” 
(II) Analysis of demand changing trends of catering market 

19 The situation forecast of transformation, upgrading and development of the catering industry 
20 Analysis on Investment Opportunity of the Catering Industry 
21 Warning of Investment Risk in Catering Industry 

22 Strategies and Proposals of Investment in Catering Industry 
Figure 1 GDP and YoY growth in China, 2011-2015 
Figure 2 Per capita disposable income and growth rate in China, 2011-2015 
Figure 3 Population growth in China 2011-2015 
Figure 4 Catering revenue statitsics in China, 2011-2015 
Figure 5 Spreing Festival Sales, 2012-2016 
Figure 6 Catering revenue YoY growth in China, 2011-2015 
Figure 7 Catering companies revenue structure in China 2015 
Figure 8 Carting industry O2O market size, 2011-2015 
Figure 9 Catering Industry O2O User Scale, 2011-2015 
Figure 10 Average spend per person 
Figure 11 Urban resident average cost per person per meal, 2011-2015 
Figure 12 Top 10 average spend on catering city 
Figure 13 Consumer buying decision analysis 
Figure 14 Structure of Franchise fees 
Figure 15 Structure of KFC restaurants distribution in the worldwide, 2015 
Figure 16 Structure of Pizza Hut restaurants distribution in the worldwide, 2015 
Figure 17 Structure of McDonald’s restaurants distribution in the worldwide, 2015 
Figure 18 Top100 enterprises market distribution, 2015 
Figure 19 Chinese Catering Top100, McDonald, Yum! net margin comparison 
Figure 20 Marketing network of Burger King in China 
Figure 21 Business Structure of China Quanjude (Group) Co.,Ltd in 2015 
Figure 22 Business structure of Xi’an Catering in 2015 
Figure 23 Sales network of German Village in China 
Figure 24 Sushi Company store distribution 

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