Catastrophic Injury in sports is Higher than Ever so how can we have fun without the risk?

High Tech Systems are not just used by doctors, Beutel Hurst Boleky preparing for trial.
Reducing injury risk one step at a time

Serious injuries, especially catastrophic ones, occur while competition is at highest levels of intensity or while performing serious stunts, according to Brian Langston, MD, FAAP, FACSM, member of the AAP Council on Sports Medicine & Fitness.

The AAP report, recommends the following steps to improve safety in sports. Lets use Motocross for example:

  • Motocross should be designated as a sport in all states, allowing for benefits such as qualified coaches, better access to medical care and injury surveillance.
  • All riders should have a pre-season physical (e.g pre-participation physical evaluation or PPE) before participating in any and all races, and have access to qualified strength and conditioning coaches.
  • Riders should be supervised by qualified coaches who have been trained and certified in proper risk management techniques and partner stunts, safety measures, and basic injury management.
  • Riders should be trained in Body positioning techniques and only attempt stunts after demonstrating appropriate skill progression.
  • Riders and teammates should have adequate upper body and core strength and balance to support long drawn out moto’s.
  • Technical skills, such as flips, whips, and racing should be performed only on in ideal situations. Coaches, parents and athletes should have access to a written emergency action plan (EAP).  Whenever possible, a certified athletic trainer or physician should be present at practices and competitions.
  • Any Rider suspected of having a head injury should be removed from practice or competition and not allowed to return until he or she has clearance from a health professional.
  • Coaches, parents, and officials should be knowledgeable regarding the cause, prevention, recognition, and response to concussion.

If your son or daughter has suffered any type of injury seek specialized legal assistance with catastrophic injury cases. Many personal injury attorneys have a much better understanding of closed head injuries and can help with questions and concerns. A catastrophic injury can facilitate a lifetime of medical care, or repeated surgeries. It is helpful to have an attorney who understands the due process.

A severe head trauma to your child may require repeated surgeries to accommodate growth, in addition to various other surgeries. A child with a bone fracture that affects a growth plate may face difficult growth procedures, and may never have a full range of motion. If an attorney understands the long-term effects of an injury, the attorney will be better able to argue for your compensation.

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