Casual Luxury Wear for Women has Never Been this Fashion Forward

Modern living requires that you look great whether you are out shopping at the grocery store or working out at the gym. Women today take pride in their fashion with a passion that is unparalleled. It is these three driving forces that Citee’d perfected to launch a casual luxe line of premium t shirts for women.

No longer will fashion forward women be stuck with low quality prints or rough cotton when deciding on a great tee. citee’d has taken PASSION, PRIDE and FASHION and made it their mantra for this line of understated and elegant casual luxe t-shirts.

The Top Fashion City T-Shirts Exclusive Collection highlights the chic, edgy and timeless attributes of the best fashion cities on the planet including Tokyo, Paris, London, Los Angeles and of course New York. Each city represents a slightly different set of fashion principles and these are well represented in this collection.

Are you youthful and playful making reinvention your plaything? Welcome to Tokyo. Having a hard time deciding on hard punk or upper west side? Hello London. Looking to become the next fashionista with a base in Paris? Or have you decided that the raw glitz of Los Angeles will light your future. Emerging from the iron jungle of New York you realize what matters most: your attitude. Whatever your choice the Citee’d capsule collection provides classic luxury wear to don for any occasion.

With a sleek and contoured shape these tees are perfectly melded to the female form and come in 3 colors: black, grey and white. Quantities are being limited in this truly exclusive collection. With superior quality manufacture, materials and design these worldly chic and edgy tees are sure to impress.

About Us:

The story behind citee’d was on combining innovation with an eye and respect for PASSION, PRIDE and FASHION. We spent close to six months in product development sourcing the best casual luxe fabrics that would craft a perfect fit, and simple but chic designs that would build the foundation of a strong, timeless brand. The brand was built on an exclusive capsule collection with chic, edgy and timeless attributes of the best fashion cities on the planet including Tokyo, Paris, London, Los Angeles and New York. After a few years of researching the clothing line marketplace, there wasn’t anyone bringing this revolutionary product to market.

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