As he sets out to expand his brand and create more value

Carl Szantyr is excited to announce the successful launch of his website. As a young French entrepreneur, with vast network and experience in the financial sector. Carl Szantyr has demonstrated proficiency as an economic and social consultant as he currently heads two international companies he established in 2011 and 2015. Starting out his career as a financial advisor, Carl has been able to adapt his career guidance to the opportunities he identifies.

With a knack for business growth and development, Carl Szantyr has led and formulated new business ideas and innovations that have expanded his investment base in the world market by a considerable margin over the last 10 years. This has been made possible because he understands the clients’ need for profit maximization. These clients’ needs have helped him put together connections that make it possible to develop brand and product portfolio, helping him achieve extraordinary feats. He has held numerous financial and advisory positions, which has all culminated in the formation of his brand.


With interests in capital markets, asset management and corporate finance, Carl was trained in a world class INSEEC Business School. While in school, he interned at Halewood International Foreign Exchange, Currency broker – Fx strategy advisory and sales in Great Britain.

During his time there, he put into use knowledge and ideas that he had learnt in school. and obtained a degree there, after graduating in 2004. Years later, he passed an MOOC (Massive Online Open Source) ; “How to Finance and Grow Your Startup – Without VC taught by John Mullins, Associate Professor of Management Practice London Business School.” at the University of London and also prepares for his Executive MBA admission.


Carl Szantyr started his professional career working with the company, ARCA PATRIMOINE, a company in France. His major duty as the financial investment officer was to sell Life insurance contracts and other quality products to his clients; due to his capabilities and the exceptionalism he delivered while holding this position, he quickly rose to be a consultant and manager.

In a short time, he was able to expand the business by recruiting 200 new customers into the business. He became the bestselling financial advisor during this period, as he singlehandedly generated $2 million in annual sales for the company. During his stint with the company, he however realized that there was a need for well-structured products with individuals as targets. This led to the creation of his first company, using his entrepreneurial skills to create GGI (Groupe Generale Invest S.A.R.L) in 2007 to meet these needs.


The company created by Carl Szantyr was the first independent French company to venture into sales of structured products in the French market. When newer opportunities arose to target higher end market by developing private equity, he seized the opportunity and reaped the dividends.

However, investor’s confidence during the period leading to the presidential election in France dwindled, and this left a nasty effect on the GGI turnover for that period. Carl stopped trading and decided to turn to Asia, where he went on to build a good business network there. During his five years’ role as the founder of GGI, he was able to develop and perform an investor road show with IFAs and Wealth Managers. He also partnered with the biggest private banks and asset managers as a wealth management adviser and raked in as much as $2.5 million in six years.


The Geneva of Asia, as he fondly calls Singapore was his choice destination for establishing his market. His company’s business in Singapore centers on developing legal processes to optimize tax for companies, as well as consultancy services for companies. He contributed immensely to the growth of European start-ups by generating more than $10 million in sales. He manages more than 25 businesses and organizations that import and export digital goods and luxury products.


With sound and applicable expertise as an entrepreneur and a financial manager, he decided to spread his network to London. In 2015, he created this company. The company offers consultancy on developing and expanding startup businesses.

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