Carl Hepworth’s Winning Tips Review – Is This Daily Horse Racing Picks Service a Scam?

Carl Hepworth’s Winning Tips Profit Curve
Are you still looking for information about Carl Hepworth’s Winning Tips? For seasoned players who are fond of betting games, horse racing presents an opportunity to make some tax-free profits…

For seasoned players who are fond of betting games, horse racing presents an opportunity to make some tax-free profits. However, the main problem most casual punters encounter is the problem of finding the right picks and not knowing how to increase the odds of winning. Many analysts have tried researching various characteristics and attributes that distinguish winning odds in a betting system. Those who bet have always been thirsty for any relevant and potentially good winning tip. Carl Hepworth’s Daily Selections System promises to teach amateurs how to find winning tips and how players can easily make bets that will fetch profits and points. Since it’s release, it has been one of the renowned and most sought-after resources.

Here is a brief introduction of Carl Hepworth, how he created his winning tips system and the results he has gotten so far. The betting criteria – As Carl explains to players, it took his experiences with systems and tips he previously purchased to create his sophisticated selection method. Back then, while he made a few profits from time to time, his general equity trend included so many losses and he eventually lost a lot of money. He then started researching the betting criteria he had learnt and came up with a set of rules to follow. After some months of alternating wins and losses, Hepworth finally settled on specific criteria for betting and has made incredible margins of profits. His book illustrates all the results over a 19 month period and various deductions can be made from that statistics. What’s clear to see is that Carl has made profits throughout, despite brief moments of losses. The book emphasizes on 1 and 2 point bets made a couple of times per day. On average, his system makes 2 to 3 bets per day.

Consumer Fraud Alert Regarding Carl Hepworth’s Winning Tips

The success of Carl Hepworth’s Winning Tips has given rise to many frauds who try to sell their service in its name. This is a big issue as many customers have lost their money in joining such fake programs. It is advised that customers should be really careful when they are joining for services and should do some research before they sign up for any website. To spot these, watch out and avoid sites that claim to write about Carl Hepworth’s Winning Tips, yet the writeup is completely garbage as they are created by software and spammed all over the internet. Subscribers should approach this website directly and join the site rather than trying out in some other places that are selling some fake materials – See More Information at the Official Website –

Performance results

From the 19 months Carl used his betting criteria, he made profits of $9,371.15 and 374.84 points in total. His book contains all the performance results, including analysis of performance rate, profits made, bets made, won and lost bets among other patterns. It is therefore easy for players to decide whether the criteria really works and if the tips are relevant and helpful. However, what cannot be overseen is the fact that Hepworth made a lot of money in profits by simply betting, using his criteria and rules. The performance results are as follows;

• Strike rate of 34.73% with a total of 439 wins out of 1264 bets made
• An average of 64 bets per month (1264 in all the 19 months)
• The longest winning streak was 6 while the losing run was 16
• Average monthly points was a gain of 19.72
• Average monthly profits were £493.22 for £25 stakes and £197.29 for £10 stakes
• $9,371.15 tax free profits over the 19 month period

From the above statistics, it is clearly evident that Carl made tremendous profits within the 19-month betting period. Although the number of losses outweighs wins, what’s important is the overall trend and profits that were realised every week.

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When looking for betting criteria and tips, players should at least make sure there is a guarantee of making a profit, especially since these tips cost money. For Carl Hepworth’s winning tips, members have been strongly recommended it ever since its recent release. The tips have shown to generate reasonable amounts of profit. Carl also touches on important things to look for and how to isolate bets that have a higher chance of losing. In summary, the results speak for themselves and Carl’s criteria is based on a good understanding of the betting systems and odds.

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