CARE PICTURES LOVE – a nonprofit that simplifies the process of sending pictures to incarcerated family and friends.

September 12, 2018 – No one prays to be incarcerated at any point in life, but unfortunately, some find themselves in such confinement due to one vice or the other. It is painful to be separated from loved ones talk more about knowing that the reason is due to incarceration. In cases like this, the best and almost constant mode of communication is usually sought after. Care Pictures Love is a nonprofit organization that makes pictorial communication from individuals to their incarcerated loved ones easier and as well faster.

It is one thing to communicate with vocals, but vocals feel somewhat incomplete without pictorial evidence and satisfaction. A person who is incarcerated is not abreast of the environment he/she left behind, so it’s wise to send across pictures as often as possible.

As stated earlier, Care Pictures Love is a nonprofit organization whose 100% profit goes to funding school supplies and college grants to children who have incarcerated parents. Voluntary contributions and donations are welcomed too as it will not only help maintain but equally sustain the services provided by Care Pictures Love.

Care Pictures Love mode of dispensing images to inmates is easy; simply log in this link on your browser,  A contact form pops, requesting that disclaimers fill out the following details:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Message

Having filled correctly, Click ‘Contact US’, and await a feedback shortly. Disclaimers will be required to send Inmates Full Name, Inmates Number and Facility Address.

To those who also have a hard time finding family and friends, Care Pictures Love will be of good assistance too.

Terms and condition of any prison institution must not be violated in the process; this is to say that every sender must be conversant with the prison rules before proceeding. If the rules happen to be violated, Care Pictures Love will not be held accountable for a refund.

About Care Pictures Love

Care Pictures Love is a nonprofit organization which takes great pleasure in providing great services to families going through a hard time by sending across precious moments captured with quality and priority.

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