Carbon Mercantile Exchange (CMX) launches carbon trading platform expansion in South America

Toronto, Ontario – Sept 15, 2015 – CMX has officially launched its expansion in South America with the opening of its Bogota, Colombia location. The expansion allows individuals and businesses to reduce their carbon footprint through the purchase or verified carbon offsets.

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This week the Republic of Colombia submitted its new climate action plan to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. The announcement comes well in advance of a new universal climate change agreement, which will be reached at the UN climate conference in Paris, in December this year.

“This expansion is a testament to a strong, and progressive policy direction,” said Joseph Aron Gallego, Managing Director of CMX Colombia. “Colombia already has the skills, knowledge and capacity to be a leader in finding solutions to climate change; we are so proud to expand the CMX platform into South America.”

CMX is a Canada-based carbon brokerage firm, specializing in emission trading, offsets and carbon reduction strategies to the voluntary, pre-compliance and compliance markets.

In December of this year, leaders from around the world will meet in Paris, France to finalize an International climate agreement applicable to all countries, with the aim of keeping global warming below 2°C.

CMX is at the forefront of the International movement to ensure that large polluters are taxed for their emissions and offered an opportunity to buy carbon offsets as they strive to lower their own emissions.

CMX will officially launch their carbon-trading platform in November, enabling real time carbon trading and carbon offset purchasing between carbon reduction projects and emitters.

About CMX

Carbon Mercantile Exchange (CMX) is the premier carbon-focused commodities exchange administering a proficient level of expertise to a continuously flourishing carbon market. The originators of CMX began the trading of verified emission units with the goal of bringing fairand transparent price discovery and efficient risk management to the blossoming industry in 2005. CMX is a joint venture between a series of global financial institutions and investment funds. In addition to its core shareholders, renewable energy developers, carbon brokers and energy trading firms have taken equity stakes in CMX, providing the exchange with a resounding vote of confidence by major players in the global emission markets. CMX has currently expanded its operation across 6 major cities and continues to grow in preparation for the United Nations’ implementation of a compliance based regulatory carbon mechanism in late 2015.


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