Capilano University Names Web Presence In China’s Joseph Cooke ‘One to Watch’

Digital marketing is a huge growth industry in China and the APAC region, and I hope to leverage Web Presence In China’s growth to enrich the Vancouver community.
WPIC director Joseph Cooke wins alumni award for his excellence in China digital marketing.

Joseph Cooke, director of Web Presence In China’s Vancouver office, has just been named by Capilano University as ‘One to Watch’, its 2014 alumni award of excellence, for his outstanding work in building Web Presence In China into a leader in tech-based digital marketing solutions. 

“It’s truly an honor to receive this award,” said Cooke, from Web Presence In China’s Vancouver offices. “Digital marketing is a huge growth industry in China and the APAC region, and I hope to leverage Web Presence In China’s growth to enrich the Vancouver community.”

Besides the jobs he has created for local Vancouver residents staffing WPIC’s Vancouver location, Cooke is involved in several community organizations. However, he believes the greatest benefit he can provide Vancouver, British Columbia, and indeed Canada is to prove the opportunity for Canadians in Chinese ecommerce.

China e-commerce is easily the greatest, most accessible opportunity for Canadian entrepreneurs and companies, small or large,” he says. “ It is difficult for people not exposed to this industry  to appreciate just how huge it is, and how rapidly it is growing. Suffice it to say that total China online sales topped $1.63 trillion in 2013, compared to Canada’s $1.36 billion. Meanwhile, China’s online market is growing at an average of 25% per year, with less than half of Chinese online.”

Cooke also stresses China’s appetite for western goods and services, including Canada’s diverse offerings. “Whether B2B or B2C, private or public sector, product or service, the most high-potential market for a Canadian organization is most likely China, and the best way to promote to China is definitely online.” 

Cooke has proven this philosophy, with his pioneering work in helping all manner of Canadian companies successfully brand and sell online in China. “We’ve done very profitable campaigns for the B.C. government to attract Chinese investment, for Vancouver to promote tourism to Chinese tourists, as well as a wide array of Canadian private sector projects,”says Jenny Xu, a manager at WPIC’s Vancouver office who overseas quality of Chinese translation, among other duties.

“A common theme among our clients is their conversion to a digital philosophy for China when they see the ROI on their platforms, compared to the expense and time it would have taken to get the same results physically on the mainland. A China online store, promoted correctly, pulls customers from across China, whereas a flagship store in Shanghai gets a fraction of the visitors at several times the cost and time to establish.”

Asked to see where the future lies for Canadians interested in China digital opportunities, Cooke is quick to answer. “As in the West, the Web is slowing, while the Internet keeps growing. The Chinese are as app-dependent as we are, so anyone looking to do some serious online engagement with relevant stakeholders should be thinking about a Chinese app, one that resonates with the 80% of China’s Internet users who surf the Net primarily on mobile devices.”

Whatever direction China’s digital ecosystem takes, Capilano U. alumnus Joseph Cooke, 2014’s ‘One to Watch’, will be at the forefront of making it feasible and profitable for fellow Canadians.

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