Canned Fruits Market Is Propelled By Increasing Number Of Working Women And Busy Lifestyles

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Additives used in the canned fruits are monitored by US Department of Agriculture.

According to MarketIntelReports “Global Canned Fruits Market 2016-2020

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A Canned fruit can be described as the fruit which is heated at a higher temperatures and stored in containers to destroy the microbes. This process helps in the storage of fruits for longer periods. It can even prolong their shelf life and preserve the nutrients. The canned fruit brands can be transported to various regions where they are not grown. The Canned Fruit Market has given consumers the option of trying different fruits due to canning. These fruits are becoming more popular despite being more expensive than fresh fruits. They are quite convenient regardless of the seasons. The tinned fruit salad can last for many months without the need for refrigeration. People who are health conscious choose these fruits as they do not have preservatives.

Scope & Regional Forecast of the Canned Fruits Market

Evolving food habits among people due to urbanisation and emergence of nuclear families have boosted the growth of the Canned Fruits Market. The number of working women, busy lifestyle, and availability of different fruits in different categories lead to the growth of pressure canning fruit. They have become a part of the grocery budget for the working class. They do not contain pits or stalks which makes them to be used easily as soon as the fruit can is opened.

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The additives which are used in canned fruit compote are being monitored by the US Department of Agriculture. This body sets standards for determining the safety of the canned foods. The tinned cherries should be packed as per the guidelines and the proper content should be stated. They should be US Grade B. The quality of the fruit and the strength of the syrup in the container are cross checked. A product that does not adhere to the strict regulations is rejected.

A factor which affects the demand for the Canned Fruits Market is the availability of the frozen fruits. This is due to the inclination of the increasing number of customers towards hygienic products. Many nutrients in the frozen fruits are retained, whereas canned fruits lose the essential nutrients as they are heated to kill bacteria.

Segmentations & Key Players Involved in the Canned Fruits Market

  • Region- APAC, Europe, North America, and ROW.

Some of the key players involved in the Canned Fruits Market are as follows:

• CHB Group
• Del Monte Foods
• Dole Food Company
• Kraft Heinz
• Rhodes Food

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