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Weighted Animal Vest® promoting a healthier lifestyle!!!
The Weighted Animal Vest is a uniquely designed weight vest for dogs. The Weighted Animal Vest fits on your pet like a saddle that holds and allows weights to be distributed evenly on the front and back legs creating muscle tone, strength, power, balance, coordination, and speed.The Weighted Animal Vest is the most effective workout tool for your dog, GUARANTEED RESULTS.

The Weighted Animal Vest® is a uniquely designed weight vest for dogs. The Weighted Animal Vest® fits on your pet like a saddle that holds and allows weights to be distributed evenly on the front and back legs creating muscle tone, strength, power, balance, coordination, and speed. Other dog weight vest products only supply weights on the front legs of your dog with no weights on the back legs which is very important for building maximum strength. The Weighted Animal Vest® is the most effective workout tool for your dog, GUARANTEED RESULTS. The Weighted Animal Vest® is also double the weight or more and cost cheaper than most other weight vest for dogs.

The Weighted Animal Vest® is the same concept as a human weight vest for working out. Working out with added weights to a workout program will strengthen your body tremendously. Adding weights to a dog or an animal’s everyday walking will allow your dog or animal to be much healthier and stronger as your pet ages, because many animals suffer from muscle and joint issues as they get older the Weighted Animal Vest®​ supplies a way to keep your dog and animals in healthy conditions.


Having a job is important to your dog and wearing a weighted vest while walking is a job. Giving a dog a job to do promotes mental stability and emotional satisfaction from the increased workout provided by carrying added weight. Using the Weighted Animal Vest® will increase the amount of energy burned in a shorter time when you do not have a full hour to walk your dog. Dog walking with a weighted vest will increase strength and balance also bonding between pet and owner. 


Weighted vests for dogs are designed to perform several functions. 1st function is to help build strength, endurance and muscle mass, because added weight intensifies the dog’s workout during daily walking and regular activity around the house. 2nd function is to calm high-energy or aggressive dogs, because over-active dogs are easier to tire when wearing a weighted vest. Also a dog that is out after exercise is less likely to exhibit destructive aggressive behavior. 3rd function is for rehabilitating any 4 legged animal that need rehabilitation or strengthening because of injury or accident, our product can be incorporated into a strength program for rehabilitation purposes to strengthen weak muscles back to normal activity. 4th to prevent animal/pet obesity (promote a healthy lifestyle).  


Uniquely designed for balance and weights do not touch the body of your pet, vest is padded with 1/2 inch soft material. Weights can be taken in and out of the vest so it can be adjusted to a desired weight according to your dog’s strength.  


When using a full body harness like our vest it is very easy to control your dog when going on neighborhood walks and if you decide to put your dog on a treadmill it works just as well. Your dog is controlled by leash that is attached to a ring that is hooked to the front of the vest and will allow full body control of your dog unlike the traditional way of attaching a leash to a collar around your dog’s neck.

Pet Obesity Prevention:

According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, an estimated 54 percent of canines in American homes are overweight or obese. Overweight or obese dogs are more likely to encounter health problems such as osteoarthritis and heart disease as well as many types of cancer. Weight lifting strengthens muscles and joints and will improve a dog’s overall health and activity. A weight lifting harness is necessary to ensure the weight is balanced and secure. Dogs on a weight lifting regime should eat a nutritionally dense dog food and drink plenty of fresh water. Overeating will negatively impact weight training and should be avoided.  


The Weighted Animal Vest® will appeal to a wide range of pet owners that like keeping their pets fit for all kinds of reasons. For example, animal competition shows like – racing, jumping, pulling competitions, obstacle course races, any type of dog show you can imagine and there are many more. The Weighted Animal Vest® will appeal to all pet owners who put their pets in competition to be the best. Each vest will develop muscle tone, strength, power, balance, coordination, and speed better than any other product of it’s kind. You can also use the Weighted Animal Vest® without weights to protect their coat. Uniquely designed to hold other objects: cell phones, keys, wallets, animal treats, first aid equipment, etc.


Pet owners have been competing for years in various competitions in a wide range of animal sports in today’s society, and an effective workout tool is mandatory to maintain a high level of physical activity. The Weighted Animal Vest® will supply your pet with high levels of energy to compete in the top ranks of any and all competitions. 


Consider having a veterinarian examine your dogs before fitting them for a Weighted Animal Vest®​. The vest should fit properly and be well lined with a comfortable padding a heavy fabric and double stitching for increased durability. If hiking is part of your lifestyle, the pocketed vest may fit your needs. The dog can help carry his own supplies. The vest is fitted with pocket weights for neighborhood walks or treadmill use. 

Weighted vests should never be used for dogs that are less than 1 year old. Joint injuries can occur if too much weight is carried while dogs are growing and developing. Your dog should be mature and healthy before carrying added weight. Healthy dogs can safely carry 30% to 50% of their body weight and more if trained correctly and depends on the size of your dog. Start training with an empty vest and gradually increase weight as the dog becomes stronger and gets used to the weight. This will prevent muscle strain and injury. 


• Extremely Strong
• 450 Foot Pounds of Pressure
• High Tensile and Tear Strength
• Anti-Mildew and U.V. Pigments  
​• Weather Resistance
• Water Resistant
• Thread Extremely Strong Tear Strength
• Thread 150 Foot Pounds of Pressure 
• Heavy Duty Chrome Buttons
• Heavy Duty Strapping
• Strapping 300 Foot Pounds of Pressure
• Heavy Duty Snapping Buckles

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