Canadian Family Plans Clean Cut From Electronics And Devices, Seeks Indiegogo Funding To Spend Time In Bolivian Jungle

Canadian family attempts to get off electronics and all devices for six months by moving to the jungle in Bolivia.

Aide Conorado and Josue Sosa, Canadian parents with two kids are planning a campaign on Indiegogo crowdfunding platform to raise funds for a unique project. The family believes that their sons are too dependent on electronics and wants to take a clean break from everything that’s electronics, including all types of devices. They plan to achieve this by moving away to the jungle in Bolivia for six months. The funding raised from the Indiegogo campaign will be utilized for project Disconnected the Documentary.

All we need to live a happy life is clean water, food, clothes, a place to live and access to education, you really don’t need anything else,” says Aide Conorado, the mom of the family. “It is the commercial companies that make us believe that we need more than all these. We want to break this belief and also want to remain disconnected from electronics and devices for six months so that our children can learn the importance of family, values and about remaining more connected with humans, not devices.”

Aide says that they have found a place in the jungle in Bolivia which is an orphanage. They will remain with the kids in this orphanage for six months, without any electronics, devices or income. They will remain disconnected with the outside world so that they can remain connected in real sense within the family and with real people. Aide thinks that it will be a great experience to live in a disconnected environment where there aren’t too many material things.

Abdiel, the 13 year old elder son of the family has no idea how this will end and what kind of adventure awaits them. He is passionate about film making, photography and videos and will be documenting everything that they do in these six months of disconnection.

The family has made a decision to live in the jungle in Bolivia and help out at an orphanage as volunteers. During these six months, they will be completely off all electronic gadgets and devices and will live a life where there are minimum materialistic needs. They will make a documentary about their experiences in the jungle and have no idea of whether this admittedly extreme decision will end in a happy or painful experience.

To move from a life full of materialistic pleasures in the vibrant Vancouver in Canada to an electronics and devices-free existence for six long months in the jungle of Bolivia is a huge challenge that the family aims to pull off. They have a flexible goal of $5000 from the Indiegogo campaign.

About Disconnected the Documentary:

Disconnected the Documentary is a unique project being attempted by Aide Conorado and her family. She, her two sons and husband Josue Sosa will be serving as volunteers in an orphanage in the jungle of Bolivia, far away from the vibrant Vancouver. The whole family will be off all electronics, devices and materialistic things. They want to bring happiness back into the family and society by staying away from things that promote consumerism and want to strengthen connections within the family and society.

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