Can the future of 3D printing take away jobs from blue-collared workers?

New 3D Model Homes you can actually live in Anubis 3D stamps out the Brick and mortar parts.
Houses are being manufactured less than 24 hours by 3D printing machines. Now commercial buildings and apartments are being manufactured with large 3D printing machines. It takes a group of contracted construction workers months before the build is done. Soon we will see a wave of union workers go on massive strikes across the nation and rebel against the 3D industry.

So the question many are asking themselves, would we still be employed when this wave of 3D printing solidifies itself and makes its mark in the world. No one knows the exact answer to this at the moment, but it will for sure change the world. Humans and machine can co-exist because we still need the experts to know the right blueprint to put the puzzles together. 

The 3D printing machines will be beneficial for construction workers, which will make their jobs easier, and will create a faster build at a higher rate. The construction workers will have more energy and have less strain on their bodies physically when an actual 3D build takes place. Many will soon find out how the 3D printing industry will impact the world with more positives then negatives.

The world is surrounded by people, innovations, apps, and soon 3D printing. This takes the world back to Egyptian times of building the pyramids, Mayans to creating the Mayan Calendar, to the first computer that was ever built. 3D printing and the world will harmoniously work together like how this present day people have cell phones attached to the hip. When that day comes you heard it here first on Anubis 3D: Design for a New Dimension.

Custom digital manufacturing and rapid prototyping will soon be at your fingertips. How soon is the question? Soon enough to where experts say that 3D printing will have a bigger economic impact than the internet. Which is true in some cases, take Facebook for example, no one had that idea that Facebook will be so popular. So fast forward in 2015, Facebook was the first social network to surpass 1 billion registered accounts, we can only imagine once 3D printing hits the general market how crazy it can get. 

The world heavily relies on technology. If we didn’t have the internet we would rely on mail carriers to get our mail. If we didn’t have power/electricity this blog would not exist. Introducing the world to 3D printing would be embraced and the world would function at futuristic levels. 

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