CALLME Button is Available Now

Press it to call for immediate assistance whenever help is needed!

New Jersey, USA – August 2nd, 2017 CALLME is a smart button, made for emergency notifications. By pressing this button, an email or text message is sent to call for help. This device is designed to work your Wi-Fi. It is battery-operated and needs to be set up using a smartphone or a laptop.

When you press this button, a text message will be sent to your phone and an email to the designated address. You can use this service only if the CALLME button is connected to Wi-Fi. The setup takes a few minutes. When the installation is completed, the CALLME button is ready to be used. A web portal is available to specify hours of operation and change email and phone number if needed.

Web Store Holdings LLC, the manufacturer of the CALLME button, made it available on Amazon, so people can buy and utilize this powerful technology. This company is known for its services in the field of wireless alerts and notifications. They have entrusted Amazon to sell their product online.

Web Store Holdings, LLC is proud to announce the CALLME button and is very happy with its performance. They know that this device will find many uses.  This product is also available for private label.  

Inquiries should be sent to:

To learn more about the CALLME button, please  visit their website

This product is now available for sale on Amazon, and you can buy it here: or by searching CALLME.

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