Cajon Valley Tackles the Challenge of Data Interoperability

As more and more schools use apps and programs to collect data points on students, it has become clear that data interoperability is a tremendous challenge. Cajon Valley Union School District is apart of the Digital Promise League of Innovative Schools, which means the district is at the top of technological innovations in education. As one of these districts, Cajon Valley has taken the challenge of data interoperability head on. What is data interoperability? It is the controlled exchange of data in a smooth and safe manner.

Many of the nation’s top Chief Technology Officers (CTO) within school systems have reported to the League of Innovative Schools frustrations that their data points being collected by multiple apps used in class do not communicate with one another. Many schools are struggling to find the data on student achievement that they have to be useful because the vast majority of their teaching and learning tools are not linked to student information systems.

This lack of interoperability is a significant barrier to using digital tools to their full potential in the educational spectrum. Principal Izela Jacobo of Bostonia Language Academy says that her math teachers will use between four and six different applications during instruction, and each application collects and shares data differently. In order for a teacher to assess one student’s progress in math, they need to open each application dashboard to view progress. Teachers must look at multiple sources of data points to try and make decisions about how each student is progressing and how to support them, but without a unified system this process is time-consuming and inefficient.

Besides being time-consuming and inefficient, when teachers face data interoperability, they also face difficulties with login management, data privacy and security, and secure data transfer between applications. Cajon Valley Union School District has been making advances in their ability to successfully exchange, link, and view data, increasing its usefulness. Cajon Valley has been featured on the Digital Promise website for their innovation in data interoperability. Dr. David Miyashiro, the superintendent of Cajon Valley Union School District, says, “Tools and data help us capture the student lens so that teachers are able to intervene at the right time. Most districts focus on the devices, the programs, and the apps – but it’s really about the data, the learning, and knowing if the work we’re doing is having an impact.”

Cajon Valley CTO Jonathan Guertin and his team have been working hard to ensure that students are able to quickly and securely login to their applications, that the data within is shared privately with teachers, and that the data is seamless. Guertin is excited about the future of this work as outside applications are being developed to streamline all educational data into one system. His goal is for students to be aware of their data, not just the teachers. Guertin says that, “I really feel like that’s going to help them as they become adults and start to make goals for themselves.” The positive impacts of simplifying the login process and data viewing will help students and their teachers to understand student abilities and potential.

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