Cajon Valley featured at ASU+GSV Summit in April

Cajon Valley Union School District was featured in a panel at the ASU+GSV Summit.

Attendees of the ASU+GSV Summit educational conference came from all over the country and witnessed some of the amazing things Cajon Valley Union School District is implementing. Since 2010, the ASU+GSV Summit has gathered together some of the world’s top CEOs in education and talent with a goal of making technology and innovation more accessible. Hundreds of school districts and their leaders attend the conference to learn new ways to improve their schools.

As a part of the summit, educators toured some of Cajon Valley’s schools. Principal Michael Serban gave his guests at Naranca Elementary School a deeper look into World of Work, where summit attendees received a chance to see what the program looks like fully integrated into the classroom. One principal visiting from Chicago was so impressed that a kindergarten student was able to point out his work to her and explain what his ambitions were for his future career. Other Cajon Valley schools showcased on the World of Work tour were Rios Elementary, Los Coches Creek Middle School, Anza Elementary, WD Hall Elementary, and Magnolia Elementary.

Cajon Valley’s efforts to encourage students to recognize and nurture their skills and talents was also a showpiece of the ASU+GSV Summit during an educator panel presented by the district. The panel featured leaders of Cajon Valley Union School District Ed Hidalgo, Chief of Innovation & Engagement Officer, Karen Minshew, Assistant Superintendent, and David Miyashiro, Superintendent.

The panel discussed what modern schools in America might look like to an outsider, which highlighted how many students feel completely stressed about getting a perfect grade and going to the best college. The panel had an honest conversation about how students, instead, should be encouraged to develop passions and pursue careers and paths of all types. The World of Work program is helping Cajon Valley students realize their full potentials and their place in the world. Ed Hidalgo pointed to the purpose of World of Work and education as a whole during the panel. He said, “I believe that every child has unique strengths, interests, and values in the world. And it is our duty to help every child discover… that there is a place in the world for them, and that all work has dignity.”

The ASU+GSV Summit is already planning for 2019’s conference, to be hosted once again in San Diego. Backed by hundreds of the world’s leaders, from CEOs to actors, educators to entrepreneurs, this summit featured talks on some of the most important conversations being had regarding innovation in learning and talent.

To view some of the talks given at the ASU+GSV Summit, visit their YouTube channel at:

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