Cafe Indigo Starts Kickstarter Campaign To Raise Funds For Their Coffee Business And To Create Consumer Awareness

Pierre Oltean launches Kickstarter campaign to promote Café Indigo, his specialty coffee company.

Café Indigo, a specialty coffee company launched by Pierre Oltean, has announced a Kickstarter campaign to fund the project. Café Indigo aims to connect with farmers and consumers directly and work with them to promote conscious consumerism.

“Café Indigo is an initiative that aims at appreciating the time and efforts that coffee farmers put in to bring to us a great cup of coffee,” says Pierre Oltean, the man behind this wonderful initiative. “Our mission is to promote conscious consumerism in coffee consumption. I believe that a direct trade model will help us achieve our mission better as there will be a direct contact with coffee farmers and consumers.”

Pierre wants to educate and enlighten farmers and consumers about the amazing opportunities available in the coffee industry. Through proper education and by observing transparency, the company wants to make a deeper connection with all the people, processes and environments associated with the business. It is clear that Pierre looks at coffee at something that’s more than just a mere drink. He wants others to have the same view point and appreciate the daily coffee drinking ritual better.

As a part of preparing for the project, Pierre Oltean has been to many places. The first trip was to Panama where he learnt many valuable tips on caring for coffee estates from a passionate coffee lover, Norberto. He also realized that working directly with farmers is a huge advantage as the conditions of the farms and employees can be vetted. Pierre has already established a working partnership with Norberto directly to begin importing his coffee. It will be roasted and sold to the consumers.  

Café Indigo hopes to continue working directly with farmers and will be promoting direct trade which can help them in providing customers with a truly exceptional product and at the same time ensure transparency for their purchase.

The Kickstarter campaign is aimed at raising funds for building up a coffee roasting capacity and for travel expenses to visit coffee farmers in Central and South America. The funding will also be used for coffee related initiatives such as creating scholarship opportunities for youths growing up in the coffee communities in Central and South America and interested in doing business in coffee.

According to Pierre Oltean, the only risk associated with coffee business is controlling the string of variables. Weather is one of the most challenging variables over which farmers do not have any control. This can affect the quality of harvest at times.

The Café Indigo Kickstarter campaign is aiming at raising $15,000 to fund various areas of the project. The campaign deadline is 16 September, 2017.

About Café Indigo:

Café Indigo is a specialty coffee roasting company and is the initiative of coffee lover Pierre Oltean.  The company aims at working directly with coffee farmers and consumers so that they can they can promote conscious consumerism. Pierre Oltean has started a campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds to manage various aspects of this interesting business.

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