BZ Capital Investments, a venture capital firm that invests in blockchain based startups.

BZ Capital Investments is a rapidly emerging venture capital firm that is focused towards investing in blockchain based startups and projects around the globe. Over the few years of its establishment, the firm has privately invested in numerous blockchain solutions, including ICO’s and other cryptoassets.

BZ Capital Investments is based in Adelaide, Australia and comprises of 5 talented employees with immense experience and insight into the world of blockchain technology. It has its offices in Adelaide and employers and advisers in both Australia and Dubai. Within a short period of its establishment, the company has built an unrivaled portfolio of cryptoassets, as well as advised and invested in several blockchain startups known as “ICO’s”. 

The company invests in blockchain based startups through ICO’s and private equity funding. Apart from funding, it also provides advisory services to the startups and tech companies connecting them to the relevant resources and personnel.

Young entrepreneur Kosta Batzavalis from Adelaide Australia founded the venture capital firm before the crypto boom in 2016. He invested in several early crypto startups in 2016 and built a significant ROI from it. He is now using the capital to invest and advise promising startups which are trying to implement the blockchain technology. “I truly believe in the future of blockchain technology and through our company, I strive to assist the promising blockchain startups and solutions which are going to transform the world for better”, says Kosta Batzavalis, the founder of BZ Capital Investments in a statement to the media.

Introduction of blockchain technology has revolutionized the world’s financial system while the 2017’s Bitcoin boom has grabbed the attention of people worldwide. A number of people have started to believe in the strong future of cryptocurrency which has also led to hundreds of blockchain based startups emerging every day. BZ Capital Investments considered this situation and took it as an opportunity to support such startups by providing them with the required capital.

More information about BZ Capital Investments can be found on their official website.

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