By Promoting Artisanal Communities, Polyforma Design Project aims to create Authentic, High Quality Footwear at Affordable Prices

Polyforma Design Project is a small collective of people, based in Berlin, that share a vision for sustainable, transparent production of high quality design goods. In an industry transfixed by the next wave of fast fashion, the PDP team believes in looking back to understand the art and quality of traditional manufacturing — and use that knowledge to create authentic products for contemporary consumers. In order to achieve their aim, instead of focusing solely on profit, the collective focus on the unique process and people who participate in creating it. 

The brand aims to promote and raise awareness of various crafts and craft communities around the world, as many of them are slowly disappearing. And by doing it to create authentic design products targeted to meet the needs of sustainable consumption. The team’s passion for creating things the good old way seamlessly fuses with their open mind to innovation and  then combines the two – traditional and cutting edge – to come up with functional, modern and unique end products. 

For their first project, the team chose to focus on Italian shoe makers. They partnered with a family-run, artisanal shoe workshop to create a line of smart-casual sneakers and tell the story of the family running the workshop. Polyforma Design Project currently is running the Kickstarter campaign in order to present their vision and their first project to a wider audience of people and raise enough funds to place their first order. 

The PDP collective doesn’t intend to be just another brand, but rather it aims to do things differently than most traditional retail businesses. Firstly, the brand intends to be fully transparent to bring their producers closer to their customers and build long-lasting relationships and trust between all parties involved. Second, they will sell their products only directly online in order to eliminate a middlemen from their distribution chain and ensure that the biggest percentage of income goes to people who made the product but not who resold it. 

If the team’s crowdfunding campaign is successful, the collective promises to research more craft communities around the world and offer their customers top quality, authentic products made in traditional, sustainable way. Therefore, we would like to encourage you to check out their Kickstarter campaign and help Polyforma Design Project to sustain artisan communities for years to come. 


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